3 Things You Should Know About Your Star Rating

In Nintendo’s Mario, collecting stars enables you to do some pretty cool things, in particular, become invincible.  For MyWorkChoice community members, you start off Day 1 with a 5.0-star rating, although you will not become invincible, you do get some pretty sweet perks for having (and keeping) those stars. 

We are going to let you in on a MyWorkChoice cheat code right here.  In order to keep those 5 stars and continue with being awesome, just follow the MyWorkChoice GOLDEN RULE: Repost any shift AT LEAST 12 HOURS before the start time if you are unable to work. This gives other community members the opportunity to work the hours they want and ensures our partners have the people they need. See?  Simple. Don’t be a shifting hoarder.  

Why Does Your Star Rating Matter? 

At its most basic, your star rating determines your ability to select future shifts. If you maintain a good star rating, you gain access to be able to claim the shifts that best fit your schedule.  

The scale is as follows: 

  • 3 or More Stars – Full Access: Pick up any available future shifts. 
  • 0.1 – 2.9 Stars – Limited Access: Pick up shifts for the same day and following day. 
  • 0 Stars – No Access: You will be unable to pick up shifts for 14 days. On day 15, you will get 0.5 back and be able to have Limited Access (0.1 – 2.9 Stars) again. 

What Makes Star Ratings Go Down? 

Remember our cheat code above?  Don’t follow it and your stars will go down. Truly, treat your community members with respect at all times where you honestly and accurately select shifts based on your availability.  It is that simple.  However, no one is perfect (if we were life would be boring) and, so, there are going to be moments when your star rating drops.  Here are those moments.  

  • Any shift dropped within 12 hours of the shift start time will result in a 1-star deduction. We know last-minute life happens, but the more time you give another community member to pick up a shift, the better for everyone! 
  • Shifts that are scheduled but not worked or dropped (a No Show) will result in a 2.5-star deduction.  

Note: We reserve the right to suspend or remove any worker from the community for repeated No Call, No Shows, excessive dropped shifts or other abuses of the MyWorkChoice system. We want to keep it fair for everyone, so please respect your co-workers.

How to Boost Your Star Rating? 

This section is an important one to pay attention to given the fact that life happens and we really do not want to punish those who are following the rules but need flexibility.  That is why we give a 2-star buffer for those in the Full Access Zone.   

  • To boost your star rating by 1 full star, you just need to work at least two shifts per week (Monday – Sunday) Boom!  

So, let’s break this one down a bit more with an example, your kid gets food poisoning because he ate a hot dog he found in the backyard and you have to cancel your shift within 12-hours of the start time.  Your rating drops from a 5.0 to a 4.0.  The next week, you work shifts on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday.  Your rating will bounce back up to 5.0. If the next week you can only work 1 shift, that is ok, you stay at the 4.0 until you can work 2 shifts in a week to earn the star back.  


Wondering what your star rating is? Check it out in the MyWorkChoice mobile app and while you are there, grab a shift!  

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