Fastest to Hire Means More Workers for Your Business

For decades, companies created thoughtful in-depth onboarding, pre-employment drug testing, in-depth background checks, intensive on-site training, and long safety orientations. The company would then offer one or two days a week to onboard these employees due to limited resources. This all made perfect sense at the time, where every company had dozens of people competing for a spot at your company. But those days are over, and today’s hyper competitive recruiting market demands change.

Seeing High Worker Absentee Numbers – You’re Not the Only One

Every day, on average, 34% of hourly workers in the U.S. are absent from work. With climbing absenteeism rates employers are desperately trying to figure out how to get people to work more hours. What’s the solution? LET THEM TAKE THE TIME OFF. 

You heard correct, let your full-time staff take the time off they need (within a certain limit) and use the MyWorkChoice community of part-time fill-in workers to ensure the work is getting done and your facility stays fully staffed. 

Why You Need to Modify Your Onboarding Process

Newer generations of workers are conditioned to expect instant gratification and results. In a world of same-day delivery and On-demand streaming television, they want to sit on the couch on Sunday night and choose what they’re going to do for work on Monday morning. 

Why do you think Uber, Instacart, and day labor exist? If your onboarding and training process takes two-weeks, your potential worker will be working somewhere else by Tuesday. 

To adapt to the growing expectations of younger workers we now must live by different motto to be successful – Fastest to Work Wins.

“Today’s hyper competitive recruiting market demands change. To be successful, the company that is fastest to hire wins. If your onboarding takes days and even weeks, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.” 

To Solve Your Onboarding Problems – You’ll Have to Make Some Tough Changes 

We get it. You’ve been doing it this way for the past 25 years and if it ain’t broken…but it is broken and it’s time to make some tough decisions. 

We’ve Figured Flex Out – Here’s How We Made it Work for a Famous Retailer

Here’s a case study that will probably sound familiar:

Who & When: 

Famous Retailer – Q4 2020 

The Problem: 

59% of the workforce that was hired, passed background checks, and completed orientation never went to work. Let that sink in. Hundreds of potential workers who needed work are now gone.

When we surveyed them, guess what the number one reason workers didn’t show up was?   The onboarding and training process took too long, so they took a job somewhere else.

We went back to the client and mapped out the entire onboarding process. Here’s what we found:

  1. Pre-employment drug testing were slowing down the onboarding process. (New research indicates that less then 1.8% of applicants fail drug tests).
  2. Only two days a week were set aside for training with limited timeslots.
  3. Caps on training only 7 people at a time due to limited resources. 

MyWorkChoice had over 50 people apply in the first week, pushing some of them 3 to 4 weeks out before they could schedule their first shift.

It’s obvious to see the failure point when you’re now competing for that worker with 100 other employers in the market – many offering same-day starts and signing bonuses. 

Here’s What Businesses Need to Do:  

Want to see 95% fill rates and retention rates above 90%? You need to get these works in your door first. Evaluate your onboarding process and make the follow adjustments:

  • Move all orientation videos to the MyWorkChoice app to reduce onsite training time.
  • Simplify training from proficiency to competency with the goal being able to succeed on their first working shift.
  • Allow as many new hire training days as possible to start, shoot for every day until your workforce community is established (typically 3-4 months).
  • Remove drug testing from your onboarding process. It’s simply not effective.
  • Avoid lengthy background checks.

Bottom line – eliminate any roadblocks that would prohibit a person from starting their first day of work by having them first apply on their mobile phone. 

The MyWorkChoice Method in Motion

Our solution has helped businesses hire faster while also offering our workers the ability to have a truly flexible work schedule. As a result, we’ve onboarded thousands of high-quality workers and connected them with our business partners who need a reliable workforce to keep production numbers on track. It’s a win – win for everyone!  

  • At several of our mature client sites, they’re enjoying +95% fill rates over the last year with retention rates above 90%.   
  • Productivity of MyWorkChoice flex workers is on-par or in many instances higher than the full-time company employees and injury rates are lower than the company average since workers aren’t burned out from mandatory overtime.   

Let’s get started… 

Step 1 – We’ll work with you on our implementation survey to set you up as a MyWorkChoice partner.  

Step 2 – We’ll handle all the recruitment and advertising to show off this super cool way to work with your company.  We’ll be using Google, TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, e-classifieds, and ads targeted around your competitor locations to introduce a new worker to your job.  

So, we need everything a potential worker needs to know:

  • Shift Times*
  • Acceptable First Day Schedules
  • Headcount
  • Pay Rates
  • Background Requirements 
  • Orientation Materials to Upload to the App

* Designate which areas we can be very flexible and those areas where we need to limit flexibility.

Once we have this information, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to have workers scheduling their first days. So it’s critical to time the onboarding …. we don’t want to lose workers after all this hard work. We want to get them in your facility and producing for your company.

Remember too, while some of these changes are going to be difficult, it’s only going to take 2-3 months of onboarding a large number of new employees before we have built a solid community of flex workers that are fully trained and returning week after week. Now let’s go get you the workforce you need!

Take the first step today!

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