Is MyWorkChoice Legit?

We get it. What we’re offering here at MyWorkChoice sounds way too good to be true; flexible work hours, W-2 status, benefits for the whole family – you’re probably thinking is this “legit?” The truth is we’ve been changing the way people work over the last few years and totally understand if you have questions.  

MyWorkChoice Origin Story  

Our technology and flexibility- driven workforce solution, MyWorkChoice was founded in 2017 by Tana and Mike Greene. Tana is a natural entrepreneur who wasn’t going to let being a woman stand in her way of dominating a male-dominated industry.  When she started MyWorkChoice, she already launched and sold several successful businesses in recruiting and staffing. She made her mark with providing innovative solutions to solve complex problems for employers, when she realized blue collar workers needed flexibility and dependability in their lives.  There had to be a way to use technology to help both the workplace and the workforce. Enter MyWorkChoice! 

Meet the Leadership Team HERE.  

 You’ll Get to Chat With Real People 

We also have real-live people working for us in the United States. When you call or message us from you’re talking with one of own flex workers here at the Customer Experience Center in Hickory, North Carolina. These are college students, mothers, full-time and gig workers here.  

We also work at a real-life office building that’s a renovated mill with hipster truck fixtures and a foosball table in the back. This team is AWESOME and they operate on the flex schedule too. They are here to help you understand and guide you through the application process. Check out some of their work HERE 

 Our Partners are Legit 

We recruit for some of the best-known brands in the world like American Eagle, Chewy, Staples and GE. You get the experience of learning how fortune 500 companies operate and learn valuable skills to either move up within these companies or take that valuable experience to your next job.  

So, why do we sound too good to be true?  For the whole reason Tana founded MyWorkChoice a few years ago – there is nothing else quite like us. So, it makes sense that you may have a couple questions – we totally understand! Now that you know a bit more about us, go ahead and don’t be shy about applying to a job near you. We’ll help you with every step.

Oh shift?  Don’t see a role you want near you?  Join our waitlist.  We are constantly growing. 

Take the first step today!

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