Shift Your Perspective – The Future of Staffing is Flexible

Let’s face the facts – the labor struggle is real.  

In a recent survey of manufacturing HR leaders today, 87% of manufacturers are struggling to fill critical labor gaps and are understaffed 38% of the time. Ouch.  Today’s recruitment market hasn’t gone back to “normal” and in fact, HR leaders are faced with a highly competitive market where workers are bouncing from job to job as a result, we’ve seen some of the most severe cases of employee absenteeism and churn in years. What’s driving these trends?

Worker behavior has changed.

In this episode of Shift Talk learn how manufacturing, warehouse, and light industrial companies can plan and solve employee absenteeism and retention.

“For every 50 people we hire… 45 aren’t lasting more than 4 weeks.” We’re hearing this over and over from every manufacturing and distribution client we work with. Sound familiar?

We know how to hire and retain the workforce you need. The solution? Give workers the flexibility to choose their schedule – and it works! MyWorkChoice clients are seeing on average 94% fill rates by using our flexible workforce.

Take the first step today!

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