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Is a THIRD of your workforce
not showing up every day?

Is a THIRD of your workforce not showing up every day?

We know how to solve absenteeism…by giving workers
flexibility and giving you a long-term tenured workforce.

We know how to solve absenteeism…by giving workers flexibility and giving you a long-term tenured workforce.

“We’ve figured out how to take the flexibility that the worker wants, with the long-term tenured workforce that the client needs – and bring those together within a mobile app that we manage for you.”
Todd Warner
President, MyWorkChoice

We make flexibility work.

Worker habits have changed dramatically. MyWorkChoice takes an imperfect workforce and makes flexibility work for your production needs.

By building a community of W-2 contingent workers for your facility – with all the scheduling and recruitment handled through our app and managed by our team of dedicated recruiters and site managers.

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Here at MyWorkChoice we recruit for some of the most well-known brands in the world like American Eagle, Chewy, Staples and General Electric (GE).

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Frequently asked questions

Traditional staffing companies operate on a model that does not meet the expectations of today’s workforce. Every company wants the perfect worker that works 40 hours a week, works overtime when asked, and never leaves. That is not today’s reality.

Today’s worker wants flexibility. So, we give it to them by taking an imperfect workforce and put them on the MyWorkChoice app to manage the flexibility we offer them. We also hire more people for each job. This allows us to give you what you’ve always wanted. A pool of workers available 24/7 that work together as a community to get the job done.

Every worker hired by MyWorkChoice is a W-2 worker. We do not use 1099 independent contractors.

MyWorkChoice does E-Verify every employee hired. 

We also perform client-specific background checks to work in conjunction with your hiring policy.

We work with you to create shift blocks of 4 or 5 hours within your existing format, splitting the shifts at lunch time. This allows for flexibility and access to an all new workforce. You will have the ability to manage work schedules 24/7 depending on the needs of your work site.

We currently average above a 95% fill ratio nationwide with our clients. It’s difficult to add guarantees when working with people, but we do fill our orders more efficiently than any current traditional model that exists. Our advantage is having access to a larger community of workers dedicated to your site who are accessible 24/7 on their smart phones.

We have successful partnerships with clients in manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics, distribution, hospitality, and call center environments. Curious if we could help in your industry? Book a demo here.

MyWorkChoice is currently servicing 14 states. Check to see if we are in your market. 

Even if we are not in your area, you’re in luck!

Our ability to virtually recruit and onboard workers anywhere in the country stops the need for brick-and-mortar locations. We can hire and mobilize an entire workforce anywhere in the country.

MyWorkChoice employees average 29.4 hours a week. We recruit workers that need dependability in their workweek but need flexibility in their schedules.

This issue is the primary reason we created the MyWorkChoice app. You aren’t alone if you are experiencing this. It’s a nationwide problem with the average being almost 30% of workers not showing up every day.

MyWorkChoice builds customized communities for each of our clients to deal with this issue. This creates a bench of workers that can fill in for those that are absent. We hire more people for each job to establish your long term, tenured, flexible workforce.

We recruit and build communities that exceed the required number of employees. If 100 employees would need to work full-time to fill the order, we build a community of 175-225 people. This allows community members to immediately pick up shifts that others are unable to take, cover last minute requests, and eliminate the need for overtime. More available workers mean a better chance of a full facility every day. At some of our mature sites, we consistently average over 95% fill-rates.

Community is the most important part of our concept. There is a place for everybody. When we recruit, we hire two different categories of people. Full time and part time flex. 

  • Full Time Workers – Workers who want to work full time with the option to take days off without a negative impact.
  • Flexible Workers – Workers that can contribute 10-30 hours a week. They might not be able to work every day but can provide coverage for those that are absent.

When you piece these 2 groups of workers together, they form a community that works to get jobs done. They fill in for one another and help each other. You now have what every operation wants. A standby pool of workers on call 24/7 all managed on an app to control the process.

When a MyWorkChoice employee is hired and onboarded, they are tagged inside of the app based on their skillset to ensure they are qualified for the position. Only those certified to work in a particular job can see those shifts they are qualified for and available.


This eliminates the opportunity for a worker to select a shift for a job that they cannot perform.

Yes. The best service that we provide to clients is their customized dashboard. From upper-level management to supervisors on the floor will have access to it.

You will see shifts being filled and who has filled them on a daily, weekly, and historical basis. You will also be able to view your orders, individual’s timecards, and understand who is currently on site at your facility.

This dashboard will be extremely helpful to anyone wanting to know who is showing up before a shift starts so that you can prepare resources. 

All this information is available at your fingertips 24/7.

You will not have to post shifts yourself. We take care of everything for you through your dedicated Program Manager that manages the app and data for you.

We offer a timekeeping system through our app, or we can integrate into your system.

We offer a completely virtual onboarding process based on your facility that gets applicants familiar with your operation and first day expectations. Training for their specific role will happen on-site at your facility and is facilitated by your staff. Call, chat, or email us for more details.

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