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MyWorkChoice is the #1 flexible staffing agency for light industrial, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.

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Flexibility is Your Facility’s Future 

Today’s workplace has shifted. Absenteeism, high turnover, and low morale are all signs of this shift. The solution? Flexibility.

MyWorkChoice delivers the expertise, technology, and data-driven recruitment to manage flexibility.

We help you build a sustainable, long-term solution to absenteeism, excessive overtime, and attrition.

How Your Organization Benefits from Flexibility

A Fully Managed Workforce Solution

What Our Clients Manage

MyWorkChoice Manages

A Fully Managed Workforce Solution

What Our Clients Manage

MyWorkChoice Manages

Your Turnkey
W-2 Staffing Solution

We handle everything from recruiting, hiring, scheduling, background checks, terminations… all the shift you don’t want to do.

Flexibility at Your Facility

With MyWorkChoice’s in-depth workforce data analysis, automated technology, and fully-managed recruitment, we can successfully manage flexibility in your hourly workforce.

Workforce Data Analysis

MyWorkChoice starts with analyzing the attendance, absenteeism, turnover, and overtime habits of your existing hourly workers to:

Technology that Manages Flexibility

Our Client Portal and MWC app provide the management tools and insights you need.

Client Portal

Know who’s working and who isn’t. Live dashboards show you when someone calls off, swaps a shift, or is backfilled.

MWC App 

Increase retention by offering your hourly workers a dependable full-time job that includes flexibility in their schedule. The MWC app allows workers to:

Flexibility in Action

While your existing workers drop and pick up shifts in the MWC app – MyWorkChoice calculates and recruits the number of additional workers needed to address your facility’s:

Fully Managed Recruitment

To solve your site’s absenteeism, MyWorkChoice will build a standby pool of full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers.

As experts in recruiting blue-collar hourly workers, we deliver a new effective pipeline of fully-managed employees.

Implement Flexibility with Confidence

Trusted by manufacturing, distribution, and light industrial companies across the U.S.

We Make Flexibility Work

And our data proves it. We provide our clients with actionable data and reporting specific to their facility to optimize hiring, training, and worker retention.

Bring Flexibility to Your Own Workforce

MyWorkChoice Plus takes the guesswork out of your own workforce. Easily view upcoming shift details such as check-ins, hour totals, and callouts – along with seeing backfills and temporary labor schedules in real-time.

Know Who’s
Working Today

Bulletin board schedules are a thing of the past. Know who’s coming into work before they walk in the door by logging into your customized Client Portal – at any time – day or night.

Punch Out Absenteeism with MyWorkChoice Plus

MyWorkChoice Plus takes the guesswork out of your own workforce. Easily view upcoming shifts details such as check-ins, hour totals, and callouts- along with seeing backfills and temporary labor schedules 24/7.


Get the Best of Both Worlds

MyWorkChoice builds a W-2 hybrid workforce of full-time and part-time flex workers to “job share” each position. We give our workers the flexibility to drop a scheduled shift and allow other flex workers in the community to pick up the shift.

Hear From Our Partners

MyWorkChoice has been a tremendous win for us. Last year was one of the busiest years in history and trying to find enough staff to keep up with the growth of our business.
Katy K.
HR Quality Bike Products

Brett G.

Operations Manager

Katy K.

Vice President of HR

Keep Up with the Constant Shift in Shift Work

Hear about the latest workforce trends impacting the manufacturing and distribution industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The key to making flexibility work is giving your hourly workers more control over their schedule while meeting your production needs.  


What does that look like? 


MyWorkChoice starts by collecting baseline attendance data on your hourly workforce behavior. Then, using that data, we recommend updating your attendance and overtime policies to allow workers limited additional unpaid time off (2-3 days per month).  


Through the MyWorkChoice app, hourly workers can view their full-time schedule and use their additional unpaid time off by dropping the shift in the app. This allows other hourly workers to pick up and cover the shift through our automated backfill system. In addition, supervisors can see employees who dropped and picked up shifts in the MWC Client Portal 24/7. 


Additionally, we recommend making overtime voluntary. Give your hourly workers a choice to pick up additional shifts through the MyWorkChoice app and release the remaining shifts to your standby pool.   

MyWorkChoice's automated backfill system replaces antiquated call-off hotlines. Employees who can't make it to work simply drop the shift in the MyWorkChoice app. This allows other hourly workers to pick up and cover their shift automatically.  

Retaining your existing hourly workers starts by offering them more control over their schedule. Through the MyWorkChoice app and Client Portal your business will have the policy updates, technology, and data analysis to implement and manage flexibility at your facility.  


Restrictive attendance policies are the leading factor in most terminations, job abandonments, and low workplace morale issues. By giving your hourly workers and supervisors the ability to adjust their schedules, swap shifts, pick up overtime and receive regular company updates through the MyWorkChoice app, you will see a rapid increase in your retention rates.  

We have successful business partnerships with clients in manufacturing, light industrial, logistics, and distribution across the U.S.
Curious if we could help in your business? Schedule a free consultation.

Yes. Supervisors can access the Client Portal 24/7 to see:   

  • Worker attendance by department and shift 
  • Worker details such as Total Hours Worked, Shifts Dropped, No Shows and Tardiness
  • Shift fill rates (daily, weekly, historical, and future)
  • Real-time data of workers who are in the facility and clocked-in   

The Client Portal is critical part of ensuring operational efficiency by knowing who is showing up before a shift starts. 

Your dedicated MyWorkChoice Community Manager posts schedules in the app in partnership with your supervisors to ensure accuracy. We handle schedule changes, cancelations, and overtime requests as well.

MyWorkChoice does not replace your existing time-keeping system. Our app only requires workers to "check-in" at shift start to ensure accurate data in the client portal. Your clock remains the official record of hours worked.

MyWorkChoice collects in-depth data on your hourly workforce to determine attendance and absenteeism trends by shift time. Depending on your workforce's attendance habits, MyWorkChoice will make recommendations that may include splitting shifts. For example, a split shift would allow a worker to take the morning off to go to a doctor's appointment and still complete the afternoon half of their shift. The morning portion of their dropped shift would be automatically posted in the MyWorkChoice app and backfilled by your standby pool.

Since most facilities struggle to recruit and retain a steady workforce, most sites have moved to 10-12 hour shifts along with mandatory overtime in order to keep up with production needs. This creates a massive amount of overtime and leads to worker burnout.

MyWorkChoice calculates an optimal amount of production hours your facility needs to hit you’re your production goals. Instead of requiring overtime, the MyWorkChoice program allows you to give hourly workers the schedule they want by building a fully-trained flexible pool of workers who cover for absenteeism and overtime needs.

By having these two groups covering the production hours you need, your business will drastically reduce overtime expenses and increase productivity by retaining the talent you need.

Today’s workforce has changed. Hourly workers want a dependable full-time job that also offers flexibility in their schedule. Giving production workers more control over their schedule gives your business a massive hiring advantage in today’s competitive job market.

With MyWorkChoice's flexible workforce solutions, fully digital onboarding system, and expertise in recruitment tactics, your business will attract a new generation of potential hires.

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