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Hire Directly


We don’t charge any conversion fees when you want to hire MWC workers.



Pay only for the hours MWC workers work.

MWC On-Site


On location management of MWC program.


"How do you get started with MyWorkChoice?"

Our goal is to deliver a long-term reliable workforce that easily integrates into your operation without changing a thing.

Step 1: Identify

Identify entry-level departments with the highest turnover and absenteeism.

Step 2: Hire

We hire an exclusive W-2 workforce with an MWC On-site handling new hires and payroll.

Step 3: Fill Shifts

We seamlessly integrate with your existing schedules, training, and operation.

Step 1: Identify

Figure out where you’ve got the highest turnover, absenteeism, and excessive overtime.

Entry-Level Departments

What entry-level departments or positions are you seeing the worst turnover?

Easy-to-Train Positions

What entry-level roles can be learned quickly and lead to cross-training?

High Headcount

What departments need 50+ workers to keep up with production?

Step 2: Hire

After we identify your labor needs we recruit and hire an exclusive workforce for your facility – FAST.

Custom Recruitment

We find workers that fit your workforce profile and get them to apply.

W-2 Workers

These are W-2 workers who are E-verified, background-checked, and on MWC’s payroll.

MWC On-Site

An On-Site is at your facility to manage the program and handle all MWC workers.

Step 3: Fill Shifts

We use your existing schedules, training, and operation to get MWC workers started.

Increased Show-Up Rates

We share your existing orientation & safety materials in our app before their first day, so workers know what to expect.

24/7 Live Rosters

Easily see who’s scheduled, swapped out, or already in the building…all in real-time.

Results that Matter

We provide weekly updates on new hires, fill rates, and worker surveys. Your facility’s data is the best measure of success.

I have received nothing but positive comments regarding MWC.  Fill rates have been good, and the quality of the associates has been a nice surprise!

Dave Senior Director, Fulfillment Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. Everyone is talking about flexibility, but nobody is delivering the results you need.  

But we've got a solution that makes it work for everyone.  

Here’s how it works:  

MWC build a separate workforce to prove the model works. No changes to your current policies or operation.  

Once you see how much your fill rates, retention, and productivity improve, we can start talking about how you can bring some of the same benefits to your own workforce.  

Here’s some of the things we do: 

  • Easy Scheduling: Workers can view their schedule on the MyWorkChoice App day or night. They can drop a shift, swap for another day, or even volunteer for overtime. 

  • Attendance: MWC workers are given a Reliability Rating that keeps track of how dependable a worker is. Are they showing up on time and working the shifts that they are assigned. We promote a culture of “with great power (flexibility) comes great responsibility.” It’s the anti-point system that works.  

  • Surveys: Constantly checking in with workers to find out what’s working, and what isn’t. Not only does this give us invaluable feedback, it makes workers feel seen and heard.  

  • Keep Tabs Anywhere: Supervisors can log into our Client Portal anytime to see who's coming in, who's calling out, and who’s backfilling. It's all there, 24/7. 

Offer the flexibility workers want and keep everything running smoothly. Problem solved.  

Our model is simple. You're only billed when the process works. Hours are counted when a worker from your extended workforce is actively clocked in and working. There are no startup fees, recruitment costs, or conversion fees. You only pay for the labor you actually use. 

The time it takes to get started can vary depending on your specific needs. Typically, you can expect to be up and running within 3-4 weeks, from initial consultation to full implementation. 

We have 35 years of experience in light industrial, manufacturing, and distribution. We’ve partnered with market leaders such as GE Appliances, Stanley Black & Decker, and Saddle Creek Logistics. Curious if we could help in your business?  Schedule a free consultation.

No. Your dedicated MyWorkChoice Community Manager posts schedules in the app for you. We handle schedule changes, cancelations, and overtime requests as well. Our Automated Backfill Technology™ takes care of filling any open shifts created in the app 24/7. 

Yes. Supervisors can access the Client Portal on desktop or mobile anytime to see:    

  • Worker schedules by department, position, and shift start time. 

  • Worker details such as Total Hours Worked, Shifts Dropped, and who’s covering for any open shifts.  

  • Details about each worker, such as Star Rating, Approved Skills/Positions, and Total Hours in each department.  

  • Real-time data of workers who are in the facility and clocked in. 

The Client Portal is a critical part of ensuring operational efficiency by knowing who is showing up before a shift starts.  

Let's Fix Entry-Level Hiring & Retention
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