Bloomberg & The Washington Post Spotlight MyWorkChoice

Our Staffing Solution Breaks Tradition

MyWorkChoice is an effective alternative to traditional temp agencies.

We bridge the gap between facilities needing long-term frontline workers and workers who want dependable full-time jobs with flexibility.  

For Businesses

Solve Your Staffing Shortage

MyWorkChoice is the effective alternative to traditional temp agencies that delivers the full headcount you need.

For Workers

Dependable Jobs with Work-Life Balance

Apply for a dependable full-time job with flexibility with our business partners.

Trusted by Manufacturing & Supply Chain

We exclusively work with manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse companies across the United States.

The Effective Alternative to Traditional Staffing

Implement Flexbility at Your Facility

MyWorkChoice gives businesses the policy updates, technology, and data you need to manage flexibility. 

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Download the MyWorkChoice App

To search current flexible jobs or to continue your application please download the MyWorkChoice app.

Bloomberg & The Washington Post Spotlight MyWorkChoice

How can manufacturers attract and retain more production workers? Bloomberg’s Brooke Sutherland recently spoke about our successful flexible workforce model partnership with GE Appliances’ Roper Corporation.