Today’s Workplace has Shifted

More hourly workers are seeking a reliable full-time job that also offers flexibility within their schedule. That’s where MyWorkChoice comes in.

We Make Flexibility Work

MyWorkChoice was founded on the principle to give hourly workers choice in their schedule while also helping manufacturing and distribution businesses address rampant absenteeism, high turnover, and excessive overtime. With our data-drive technology and expertise we’re transforming the industry so that flexibility and productivity work together.

Our Leadership Team

Tana Greene

Co-Founder & CEO
At 17, I wrote a goal on a piece of paper: own my own business by age 30. I spent the next 12 years defining what that business was going to be, but my purpose was clear. I wanted to help others by finding them employment. That goal became a reality in 1988, when I co-founded a national staffing company that grew to operate in more than 20 states. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, I saw, first-hand, the changing needs of the hourly workforce and understood the vital role flexibility and technology must play moving forward. In 2017, I guided the company’s transformation into MyWorkChoice, which embraces flexibility to provide a dependable, consistent workforce for our clients.

Mike Greene

Co-Founder & Chairman
I co-founded a commercial staffing company with my wife, Tana, in 1988. It has been amazing to watch the rapid transformation of so many industries in the last 10 years alone, as tech startups have disrupted everything from how we shop to how we watch TV. The way companies find, schedule, and retain their workers has remained largely unchanged, and businesses and hourly workers are suffering as a result. MyWorkChoice has embraced innovation and, in doing so, transformed the way the people work, and the way businesses meet their needs.

Todd Warner

I started working with companies on their workforce needs 32 years ago. Along the way, I found my purpose and appreciation for the profession. The realization came later that you are able to share in one of the top 5 most important decisions of a person’s life. Helping people find income, put food on a table, realize second chances, and put kids through school is a privilege. This has also given me a deep insight to the challenges of many blue-collar workers in the U.S. My goal in my last stage of my career is to find ways to make this work better for both the companies and the employees I work with every day.

Elizabeth McNea

I have ​spent 25 years in accounting and love it! I’m a graduate of CSU in Business Finance and appreciate how MyWorkChoice enables me to put my broad industry experience to use while taking on new challenges and opportunities each day. Being process and results driven, I really enjoy being a part of the growth we’ve experienced over the last few years along with seeing a female-owned business succeed.

Adam Raimond

Senior Vice President, North American Operations
I began my career in marketing and sales over 20 years ago and can’t imagine being in any other business. I love the challenge of understanding what motivates people and then using data, technology, and creativity to build conversations that move people to action. I work with an incredibly talented team of sales and recruitment leaders who see every day as a new opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Kelly Mulligan

VP of Operations

I have been in the business of problem-solving for the ever-changing workforce demands for over 10 years. From sales to recruiting, to my true calling as an Operations professional, and everything in between. Engaging with hundreds of clients and thousands of employees across the U.S. has provided the experience, insight, and opportunity to reshape our workforce solution deliverable with purposeful intention. Surrounded by a diversified team of self-motivated, forward-thinking talent there is no challenge we will ever shy away from.

Karen McIntyre

Vice President Customer Engagement

I really enjoy making connections with people, and that’s something I get to do every day as part of the MyWorkChoice team. Our team is passionate about helping people find meaningful and rewarding work opportunities, but we also pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients. We are really dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives by providing them with unique choices and customized solutions that fit their needs.

Mission Statement

MyWorkChoice is revolutionizing the way hourly workers and businesses work by implementing flexibility. Through our innovative solutions and technology, we’re empowering hourly workers to achieve work-life balance while, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the working world.

For Businesses

Flexible Workforce Solution

MyWorkChoice has the expertise and technology to manage flexibility for your hourly workforce.

For Workers

Careers with Flexibility

MyWorkChoice partners with manufacturing and distribution businesses across the U.S. to offer employees stability and flexibility in their schedule.

Implement Flexibility with Confidence

Trusted by manufacturing, distribution, and light industrial companies across the U.S.

Find a Job with Flexibility Near You

From North Carolina to California, we’re giving hourly workers flexibility in over 30+ cities across the United States.


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