5 Fun Benefits to Retail Shifts During the Holiday Season 

The Black Friday sales started popping before Halloween. You may have your thoughts one way or another on timing, but the truth of the matter is- the retail industry’s holiday season is in full go-mode.  Picking extra shifts for any or multiple of our retail clients can pay off in more ways than just cash in your pocket. We will let you in on the lowkey benefits right here, right now.  

You see what the “cool” gifts are before they are sold out.  

Helping with the fulfillment of orders, picking and packing, and quality control gives an insider’s perspective on what the people want.  What are the cool trends in American Eagle jeans- should they be skinny or should they be girlfriend? What about the must-have for your fur baby from Chewy? These shifts can help you find something for everyone.  

Holiday card creativity can be taken to the next level.  

They say imitation is the purest form of flattery.  What better way to find inspiration for your family’s holiday card than to work at Shutterfly and see thousands of examples of holiday card goodness.  

Playing Santa’s Helper is the best.  

With every order fulfilled and every package shipped, you are helping to bring a smile to someone’s face and delivering holiday cheer.  If that doesn’t give you all the warm and fuzzy cocoa-laced feelings, then may we recommend you dive into some Hallmark movies ASAP.  

It is not only about the gifts- it is about the food too. 

Holiday parties and family gatherings mean an increased need in grocery supplies.  Picking up shifts at MDI during this time can help ensure stores are properly stocked and supply shortages do not need to be a worry to add to the holiday stress.  

Making $$$. 

Let’s be real.  The absolute very best part of picking up shifts during the holiday season is the fact that you are making money.  There may be opportunities for additional shift availability and you are the one in control of your schedule.  You can still make every school concert, holiday party, and get all your shopping done all the while making the financial goals you set for yourself. That is just shiftastic. Plain and simple.  

To find a shift near you visit https://myworkchoice.com/search-jobs/.  




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