5 Things You Should Know About Health Benefits for Flex Workers

It is known, or rather we hope it is well known, that MyWorkChoice offers benefits; yes, benefits.  It is an important time of the year as open enrollment for health benefits is going on right now through September 30th.  This is the time to make sure you have opted in for coverage and that the coverage is what suits you and your family best.   

If you are not fully versed in MyWorkChoice benefits and what open enrollment is, have no fear, we are here to help you out.  The ACA requires only full-time workers to be offered health insurance, but at MyWorkChoice, we offer it to all workers regardless of how many hours they work each week.  Below are the 5 things you should know about health benefits.  


1) Employee benefits are non-financial compensation provided to an employee as part of an employment contract. A good benefits package increases the value an employee receives from their working life while contributing to their own health and that of their family. Summary- that means more money in YOUR pocket.


2) Open enrollment is when an employee gets to decide which health plan they want for the entire year.  It is going on right now through September 30th.  If you miss that deadline, it will take a life-changing event, (start of job, marriage, divorce, baby, etc.) to be able to change that plan. 

3) We asked our Human Resources Manager, Jacklyn, what one thing she wished everyone knew, and here’s what she had to say,  

“Telemedicine is a service offered to insureds covered under the fixed indemnity medical plan.  This provides an option for covered individuals to receive care without having to leave their homes. To access this service contact 1-800-Teladoc.”


4) Health benefits are available for election on day 1.  They are not immediately active, though.  Once enrollment is complete, benefits will begin on the first Monday following the date the premium payment is deducted.  Please note:  This may seem confusing since we are talking about open enrollment, and, to clarify, open enrollment really only concerns employees once a year in order to update their benefits, not initially enroll.  You or your friends (reference: referral programwill be able to initially opt into all benefits when you first start.  Then, if you decide you want to change, you can do that every year during open enrollment.  Why are we talking about it now?  There is a chance, that you may have mistakenly opted out of all benefits (or done so intentionally at the time) and now you want to opt-in.  Open enrollment is the time to do that and you do not have to worry about whether or not you are eligible. 


5) Employees can get medical coverage for as little as $20 a week however, that’s not all. Benefits can be available for the whole family (legal dependents) if you choose to cover them.  It will just cost a bit more for each person’s coverage. 

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