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*Updates made October 28, 2021* (As of October 31, bonuses will be $25 for both referrers and referees.)

Give a shift about your friends and family? Referring your people to work for MyWorkChoice is a gift that keeps on giving to both of you. Once your friend works their first shift BOTH of you will receive $50 bucks – and that’s it folks! We’re all about giving a shift (literally) and helping people get to work and that’s why even if you’re not a current MyWorkChoice employee you can still refer your friends and earn cash.

Here’s how it works.

Mobile App My Referrals

How do I Refer a Friend to MyWorkChoice? 
There are two ways you can start referring your friends to MyWorkChoice. Go to our website and fill out the form or download our app and go to My Referrals. (We’d highly recommend going the app route).

What’s really shift-tasic about our referral program is that everyone has their own unique referral dashboard and it tracks where all their referrals are in the application process. (You can check this 24/7 if you’d like). Once your friend schedules and works their first shift we’ll give you a heads-up email to expect a referral bonus soon. Before you start referring make sure to take a look at the program’s terms and conditions.

Got questions? Here are some of the most commonly asked Qs we get about the refer a friend program.

  • Can I refer more than one friend at a time?
    Shift yeah – absolutely! We encourage you to refer as many friends and family as you’d like.
  •  How and When do I get Paid the $50 Bonus?
    Within 30 days of when your referred friend worked their first shift, you’ll receive a virtual $50 Visa Gift card via your email.
  • Do I have to be a MyWorkChoice Employee to refer a friend?
    Nope, you don’t have to be a MyWorkChoice employee to refer someone to work for us. The more the better!

Didn’t find a question you were looking for? Check out all our Referral Program Q&As.

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