Bloomberg and The Washington Post Spotlight MyWorkChoice at GE Appliances Plant

Adam Raimond

Adam Raimond

Bloomberg and The Washington Post just covered the successful partnership between MyWorkChoice and GE Appliances’ Roper Corp. plant in LaFayette, GA and we couldn’t be happier that this new way to work is getting the attention it deserves.  

Brooke Sutherland highlights how manufacturers are struggling to fill (and retain) critical assembly roles. In the face of a labor crisis, MyWorkChoice addressed the need for fixed and flexible schedules for workers while providing a reliable labor force that backfills for absenteeism in real-time. 

Bill Good, Vice President of Supply Chain at GE Appliances, said, We have had to flip that script. We can continue to struggle to fill manufacturing jobs, or we can break paradigms and start looking at, ‘If we can’t make the person fit the work, then we need to make the work fit the person. 

The partnership with GE Appliances’ Roper Corp. plant has been a success since launching in March of 2021. MyWorkChoice helped build and train a pool of 1,500 people that the company can tap into to ensure products are getting assembled and delivered on time. 

One of the keys to this model is the Automated Backfill Technology® MyWorkChoice developed for their program. This system ensures there’s always a pool of trained workers ready to step in when needed, effectively ending the problem of absenteeism and last-minute schedule changes that normally disrupt operations.  

Luther Ingram, President and Executive Director for Roper, acknowledges, “MyWorkChoice handles the back-end logistics to make sure the entire shift is covered in some capacity — something that would be challenging for the Roper facility to manage on its own day-to-day.” 


“Workers are saying loud and clear what they want out of a modern factory job… a dependable income with the flexibility to have work-life balance,” says Adam Raimond, SVP of North American Operations at MyWorkChoice. Innovative solutions like MyWorkChoice, are helping companies like GE Appliances to reframe their approach, particularly for hourly production workers who lack work-from-home options. 

At the core of this innovative model is the MyWorkChoice Community, a mix of full and part-time W2 employees. The ‘Full-Time Flex’ group is the reliable backbone of the workforce who commit to working full-length shifts of at least 32 hours a week. Complementing this group is a backup pool of workers. Using the MyWorkChoice app, these workers can pick up extra shifts that are dropped by the full-time group, work half-shifts (4-6 hours each), and cover shifts that used to require overtime, like nights and weekends. 

Anna Jackson, a MyWorkChoice employee at GE Appliances, said. “MWC has made my mental health so much better! I love working at GE, and I can take a day off without being worried that I’ll lose my job. It also allows me to learn numerous skills instead of doing the same thing every day.” 

MyWorkChoice has created a win-win situation for both companies and workers. Manufacturing facilities get the dependable labor force they need, and workers get the flexibility and control over their schedules they want. For more information, read the full article here 

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