The Best Moonlighting Jobs for 2020

We could all use some extra money every now and then. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to get a second job to help pay the bills thanks to the rise of the gig economy.

If you want to join the five percent of American workers who moonlight—that is, work a second job in addition to regular wage or salaried employment—read on. In this article, we’ll cover the best moonlighting jobs that can help you with your personal finances without sending your stress levels into overdrive.

Security Guard

Security guard

It’s a little-known fact that many buildings hire security guards mostly as a ploy to keep their insurance rates low. That’s not to say that security guards are merely for show, but rather that they’re paid mostly to show up and perform basic, rudimentary monitoring tasks.

In other words, moonlighting as an overnight security guard is a low-stress gig that pairs well with other responsibilities. For instance, teachers can grade tests and homework and students can work on their assignments while working at a desk-based security guard job.


  • Monitoring premises
  • Watching CCTV monitors
  • Filing incident reports
  • Contacting first responders
  • Checking IDs

Compensation: $29,000 annually

Self-Storage Manager

One of the best moonlighting jobs on the market is a self-storage manager or clerk. This job is marked by an unusually high level of passivity when working because each customer has their own set of keys or swipe cards. Therefore, self-storage workers usually stick to handling phone calls and reception duties at the front desk.

Most self-storage facilities are available 24 hours a day, so there’s a high demand for overnight and evening clerks and managers. Best of all, the passive nature of this job allows workers to manage other responsibilities (like studying) while working at the desk.


  • Leasing storage space to customers
  • Assist customers with unit selection
  • File rental agreements
  • Collect rental fees
  • Notify customers when rental terms expire

Compensation: $13.25 hourly

Dog Walker

dog walker

If you’re an animal lover who loves to get outside and exercise, there’s no reason not to give professional dog walking a try. The barrier to entry for this profession is very low since it only requires you to put posters up around town and create a local classified listing.

To prepare for this position, stock up on dog treats and take a dog walking course. Although it may seem unnecessary to receive formal accreditation for this job, it will pay dividends if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation with someone’s dog. Rather than being paralyzed by fear, you can spring into action and know exactly how to respond—it may even save the dog’s life!


  • Transporting dogs from home to home
  • Cleaning up after dogs
  • Feedings dogs and providing treats
  • Watching over dogs until owners return
  • Administering basic veterinary medicine

Compensation: $12-17 hourly


One of the best moonlighting jobs for outgoing people is bartending. Not only does this job generate some serious tips from guests, but it comes with a host of social benefits given how many people frequent bars, nightclubs, and taverns. Every small town with a watering hole needs a reliable bartender for evening and weekend shifts, so consider applying if you want to get out more and start earning tips by serving alcoholic beverages.


  • Socializing with guests
  • Serving alcoholic beverages
  • Settling bills and handling cash
  • Cutting off intoxicated patrons
  • Assisting with cleanup processes

Compensation: $10-20+ hourly

Warehouse Labor

woman scanning a box in a warehouse

The rise of the e-commerce industry has made it easier than ever to get a second job in a warehouse. If you’re looking for low stress entry level jobs that you can do seasonally, occasionally, or casually, look no further than light industrial work. These jobs usually take place in fulfillment centers where you sort and process orders from vendors or customers.

There was once a time when warehouse work was inflexible and stressful to break into. However, the rise of same-day delivery cycles has led to a new demand for 24-hour warehouse operators. In fact, on-demand hiring platforms like MyWorkChoice let workers pick and choose the warehouse shifts they want with ease, with no long-term obligations or commitments.


  • Fulfilling customer orders
  • Scanning barcodes
  • Operating light equipment
  • Organizing and sorting packages
  • Cleaning warehouse floors

Compensation: $12-18 hourly

Rideshare Driver

The popularity of rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft has led to a surge in car owners using their vehicles and driving skills to earn money giving rides to app users. Generally, rideshare drivers keep about 75-85 percent of the total ride fare (minus fees).

The commission rates vary by company. However, you can earn a decent living driving Uber or Lyft, especially during high-demand pricing spikes. The barrier to entry is a little higher than normal (you need an insured, newer model vehicle), but the financial reward and flexibility is highly desirable for those who already have a full-time job.


  • Driving safely to user-generated destinations
  • Socializing with customers
  • Maintaining a clean vehicle
  • Providing advice and recommends to customers

Compensation: $15-35+ hourly

Senior Support Worker

The population of the United States is getting older on average, due to the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. As an increasing number of Americans move to assisted living and in-home nursing care, opportunities abound for younger people looking to make extra money. Therefore, if you’re passionate about serving others, consider applying to be an elderly companion or supporter.

You may need to undergo a certification process to work as a senior support worker in some jurisdictions. However, the laidback nature of the job and the high pay ceiling make it a rewarding job for those who enjoy spending time with older folks.


  • Grocery shopping
  • Driving to appointments and social functions
  • Socializing with the client
  • Help with cleaning and chores

Compensation: $18-25 hourly


freelancer moonlighting at her laptop

The skyrocketing popularity of online marketplace platforms like Fiverr and Upwork has made it easier than ever to start freelancing. Whether you want to write blog posts, create videos, make websites, translate texts, or do photography, there’s a strong demand for freelancers in all creative professions.

If you don’t want to take the Fiverr route, you could try directly contacting companies in your field of expertise (e.g., fitness industry, financial services). In fact, you may be able to secure a “try-out” contract to write a guest blog post or two. As a result, if your content adds additional traffic or engagement, you can start bringing in some serious cash on the side.


  • Researching keywords
  • Writing informative blog posts
  • Promoting content
  • Generating backlinks
  • Learning about SEO best practices

Compensation: $15-30+ hourly

Personal Trainer

If you’re in excellent shape and have an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology, then you can work one of the best moonlighting jobs as a personal trainer. This job allows you to set your own hours and schedule clients at a pace that works well with your full-time profession.

The barrier to entry for this gig is high because you usually require some form of certification to prove that you’re equipped with training somebody else. Plus, gyms typically won’t allow uncertified trainers who haven’t graduated from a professional course. However, if you can make it through the onboarding process you can enjoy this fun and lucrative side career.


  • Explaining and demonstrating exercises
  • Teaching fitness and nutrition theory
  • Attracting and maintaining clients
  • Programming client exercise routines

Compensation: $20-40+ hourly


Watching someone else’s children isn’t just for teenagers. Babysitting is one of the best moonlighting jobs if you love kids and have a lot of patience. The earning potential for babysitting is high if you’re able to supervise several children at once—the only downside is that this can consume a lot of your energy.

Overnight babysitting is especially lucrative if you want to get other work done during the quiet nighttime hours. For instance, teachers can grade papers after the kids have gone to bed, and students can do their homework. Also, the credentials to babysit are minimal since basic first aid and CPR courses are often considered optional for casual part-time babysitting in some areas.


  • Supervising children
  • Putting kids to sleep
  • Ensuring kids are fed and bathed
  • Making sure the house is safe and tidy

Compensation: $10-30 hourly

Delivery Worker

delivery worker delivering a package

One of the best moonlighting jobs also happens to be one of the fastest-growing. Working as a delivery driver for a private courier company is not only a lucrative venture that can double your income, but it’s a safe bet for the future too. As the on-demand economy continues to grow, we can expect the next couple of decades to feature a boom in the private courier industry.

However, this job isn’t for the faint of heart. Every now and then you will be required to deliver packages in the cold and the rain. Some packages can even weigh up to 45 pounds. So, it’s best that you make sure you’re in good shape before you embark on a second career as a delivery driver or private courier.


  • Safely delivering packages to doorsteps
  • Asking for signatures from customers
  • Loading and unloading packages
  • Driving to customer locations

Compensation: $10-22 hourly

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