Bring Flexibility to Your Workforce

We help facilities offer flexibility to their workforce without compromising operations.

Bring Flexibility to Your Workforce

Flexibility is great for retention, but what about the openings it creates? We have the solution. Here’s how:

Redefining Flexibility in Today’s Frontline Workforce

It’s not just about additional days off. Offering flexibility is about meeting the needs of today’s workers by giving them choices.

MyWorkChoice Expands Your Workforce

Stand out in your job market by attracting both full-timers as well as workers from diverse backgrounds like stay-at-home parents, college students, and semi-retirees.

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Fill Openings With Backfill Technology

Our exclusive Automated Backfill Technology™ and management team works  24/7 so you have the headcount you need.

Bring Flexibility to Your Workforce

The Impact of Flexibility in Manufacturing & Distribution

Flexibility isn’t a one-way street. Offering flexibility to hourly production workers may seem like you’re giving in however, business benefit too.

Standing out in the hiring market is challenging. By offering flexibility, your company becomes an attractive option for candidates, setting you ahead of competitors.

The modern workforce, especially younger workers, value work-life balance and technology. They're drawn to organizations that offer dynamic work environments, opportunities to upskill, and progressive forward-thinking employer.

Workers value organizations that respect their work-life balance. By providing flexibility, you foster loyalty, ensuring your team remains committed and reducing turnover rates.

A flexible work environment nurtures positivity. When employees feel trusted and valued, it creates a productive atmosphere throughout the organization.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We exclusively work with manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse companies across the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. Everyone is talking about flexibility. But the idea of giving your team more freedom with their schedules looks impossible when you're already dealing with no-shows and last-minute call-offs.  


But we've got a solution that makes it work for everyone. Here’s how it works: 

  • Easy Scheduling: Your workers can view their schedule on the MyWorkChoice App day or night. They can drop a shift, swap for another day, or even volunteer for overtime.
  • An Extended Workforce: We recruit and onboard an extension of your workforce to make sure you always have the headcount you need.
  • No More Gaps: If someone drops a shift, our Automated Backfill Technology™ jumps in and finds the right person with the right skills to fill that spot. All in real-time, with no phone calls or last-minute scrambling needed.
  • Time-Off with Guardrails: The app keeps track of how much time off everyone's taking and assigns a star rating based on attendance - so no one's gaming the system.
  • Keep Tabs Anywhere: Supervisors can log into our Client Portal anytime to see who's coming in, who's calling out, and who’s backfilling. It's all there, 24/7.

Offer the flexibility your team wants and keep everything running smoothly. Problem solved. 

Think of our Automated Backfill Technology™ as an AI matchmaker for shifts. It spots any empty slots in your schedule and quickly fills them with top-rated workers who have the right skills for the job. 

Here's a quick example: 

  1. Shift Drop: Let's say Amber can't make her Assembler shift in the morning because her kid is sick. She drops the shift using the MyWorkChoice app.
  2. Extended Workforce: Your dedicated pool of standby workers are trained and ready to fill in as backups.   
  3. Shift Confirmation: Anthony - a college student with a 5-star rating and over 1000 hours of experience in your facility - gets notified by the app and confirms he can work the shift.

You end up with a fully staffed production line, zero downtime, and a team that loves the scheduling flexibility you offer. No last-minute phone calls or scrambling to figure out who’s on the floor post-clock-in. 

Our model is simple. You're only billed when the process works. Hours are counted when a worker from your extended workforce is actively clocked in and working. There are no startup fees, recruitment costs, or conversion fees. You only pay for the labor you actually use.
The time it takes to get started can vary depending on your specific needs. Typically, you can expect to be up and running within 3-4 weeks, from initial consultation to full implementation.

We have 35 years of experience in light industrial, manufacturing, and distribution. We’ve partnered with market leaders such as GE Appliances, Stanley Black & Decker, and Saddle Creek Logistics. Curious if we could help in your business? Schedule a free consultation.

No. Your dedicated MyWorkChoice Community Manager posts schedules in the app for you. We handle schedule changes, cancelations, and overtime requests as well. Our Automated Backfill Technology™ takes care of filling any open shifts created in the app 24/7.

Yes. Supervisors can access the Client Portal on desktop or mobile anytime to see:   

  • Worker schedules by department, position, and shift start time.
  • Worker details such as Total Hours Worked, Shifts Dropped, and who’s covering for any open shifts. 
  • Details about each worker, such as Star Rating, Approved Skills/Positions, and Total Hours in each department. 
  • Real-time data of workers who are in the facility and clocked in.

The Client Portal is a critical part of ensuring operational efficiency by knowing who is showing up before a shift starts. 

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