New Features On Our Website You’re Gonna Wanna Know About

It’s a new year and time for a new look for our website. From showcasing flex workers to animations, our website highlights the MyWorkChoice difference. We’re sure you’ll love all the new features as much as we do. 

Cool New Web Features

Say hello to fun animations and custom GIFs that showcase why folks should join MyWorkChoice.

Fun fact!  You can use the GIFs on the homepage in Instagram Stories, SnapChat, or TikTok posts.

Just make sure to search MyWorkChoice when adding a gif and tag us @myworkchoice so we can share your posts.


Flex Workers Front & Center

Our focus is highlighting our workers and their real-life flexible schedules. From parents juggling school pickup to college students and retirees.

We need your help, MyWorkChoice!

If you have an awesome MyWorkChoice story – respond to this email or DM us on social. Or refer a friend and once they work their first shift, you’ll both get $25 bucks.


What Do You Think? 

Your feedback about the new website is important to us. Share what you like most and what you’d like to see in future releases!


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