Top 3 Reasons to Work with MyWorkChoice vs. A Traditional Staffing Agency 

Adam Raimond

Adam Raimond

MyWorkChoice recognizes the need for dependable flexibility in today’s workforce.  Employees need to be able to count on consistent hours in order to make ends meet.  Similarly, in order to be a highly effective business, companies need to know they’ll consistently be fully staffed. MyWorkChoice offers the solution.   Our President, Todd Warner, summarizes it best, “We’ve figured out how to take the flexibility that the worker wants, with the long-term tenured workforce that the client needs – and bring those together within a mobile app that we manage for you.”  There’s many reasons we can highlight to help illustrate why MyWorkChoice might be the right solution for your facility.    But, we are going to dig a big deeper into the 3 main reasons.   MyWorkChoice is a modern, turnkey solution.   Traditional staffing companies operate on a model that doesn’t meet the expectations of today’s workforce. Every company wants the hire of 20 years ago… someone who works 40+ hours a week, loves overtime, and plans on staying for 20+ years. That’ simply not today’s reality.  Today’s worker wants flexibility. So, we give it to them by taking an imperfect workforce and put them on the MyWorkChoice app to manage the flexibility we offer them. We also hire more people for each job. This allows us to give you what you’ve always wanted. A pool of workers available 24/7 that work together as a community to get the job done.  MyWorkChoice is a community of workers.   We build a community of long-term W-2 workers for your facility – with all the scheduling and recruitment handled through our app and managed by our team of dedicated recruiters and site managers. We take everything off your plate, so you can focus on running a business.   MyWorkChoice is a proven and effective model.  We currently average a 95% fill ratio with several of our clients in both manufacturing and distribution. It’s difficult to add guarantees when working with people, but we do fill our orders more efficiently than any current model that exists. Our advantage is having access to a larger community of workers dedicated to your site who are accessible 24/7 on their smart phones, workers who WANT to work, but need to do it on their schedule.  Although our staffing solution is turnkey, we customize the app to your specific needs and onboarding requirements. From orientation and safety videos, to background checks and E-Verification, we work with your site to ensure a smooth implementation of our workers.   Still curious? Read here about four different worksites we’ve been able to help.  

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