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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional staffing companies operate on a model that does not meet the expectations of today’s workforce. MyWorkChoice empowers employees to design their own schedules – to take shifts they want, not take shifts they don’t want, and repost shifts to the community when needed. MyWorkChoice retains employees at much higher rate because this flexibility is invaluable.

We work with you to create shift blocks of 4 or 5 hours within your existing format, splitting the shifts at lunch time. This allows for flexibility and access to an all new workforce. You will have the ability to manage work schedules 24/7 depending on the needs of your work site.

We currently average above a 95% fill ratio nationwide with our clients. It’s difficult to add guarantees when working with people, but we do fill our orders more efficiently than any current traditional model that exists. Our advantage is having access to a larger community of workers dedicated to your site who are accessible 24/7 on their smart phones. 

We recruit and build communities that exceed the required number of employees. If 100 employees would need to work full-time to fill the order, we build a community of 200-300 people. This allows community members to immediately pick up shifts that others are unable to take, cover last minute requests, and eliminate the need for overtime.

All employees are held to the MyWorkChoice Golden Rule. An employee who does not repost their shift to the community for someone else to take is removed from the app for 6 months.

We have the ability to modify any shift at any time within the app.

We utilize lunch as the change of shift, so shifts line up your current schedule. We offer a timekeeping system, or we can integrate into your system.

We first schedule a tour of the facility and hold an implementation meeting. From there, we build the custom implementation program and set up timekeeping, internet access and optional services. We begin to recruit for the community three weeks prior to go live and train all staff and supervisors on the MyWorkChoice Admin Portal. Finally, we’re ready to post schedules on the app and go live!

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