Reliable Workforces

Exclusive, Entry-Level Workforces Built for
Manufacturing & Distribution 

Exclusive, Entry-Level Workforces Built for Manufacturing & Distribution 


“I Can’t Hire and Retain Good Workers...”

Sound familiar?

Everyone’s having the same issue.

Hiring and retaining $20/hr. entry-level production worker.

You need a workforce exclusively built and managed by MyWorkChoice – reliable, flexible, and gets shift done.

MyWorkChoice for Workers

Discover manufacturing and warehouse jobs with schedule choices and opportunities to advance your skills.

Our Partnership with GE Appliances

The Problem:
GE Appliances struggled to recruit and retain in Fabrication, Assembly, and Warehousing, causing daily production rates to fall below 65%.

The Solution:
In just 90 days, we hired over 500 MWC workers, creating a long-term workforce of full-time W-2 employees supported by a trained backup pool.

The Results:
Their daily production is now over 90%, and MWC’s retention rate is 18 times higher than previous direct hires.

What Our Clients Say

Where We Operate

We’re more than a product—we’re your partner. With teams across the US, we’re on-site at your facility to manage all entry-level MWC workers.

Todd Talks
Todd Warner President of MyWorkChoice

Todd Talks: Learn from the Industry Expert

Admit it. We take the sub $20/hr production worker for granted and here’s how.

We can’t hire Gen Z and Millenials. The problem isn’t that people are lazy (mostly).

A lot of manufacturers talk about how they need to attract more women to manufacturing.

Let's Fix Entry-Level Hiring & Retention
at Your Facility

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