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Cover Your Absenteeism – Automated Backfill Technology

We’re an all-in-one management solution here to support your businesses’ production goals. This is what a partnership with us looks like.  

  • We handle everything from applicant paperwork, background checks, and day-to-day management.
  • We hire for longevity at your facility by offering workers the balance of dependable full-time work and work-life balance.
  • We’re able to attract and retain millennials & gen z by providing a dependable full-time job with flexibility they can manage digitally.  
  • We help you identify workers seeking to grow by upskill and cross train them into supervisor roles.  
  • Directly hire top talent from us without any conversion fees.
  • We offer frontline workers the best of both worlds – a dependable full-time job with flexibility.
  • By having reliable contingent labor, you can make overtime a perk instead of a problem.
  • If you have workers about to point out – send them over to MWC and retain the talent you’ve invested in.
  • We partner with you to analyze and identify where your short staffed and recruit.
  • We help your facility run at full headcount with our 24/7 automated backfill system.
  • The backfill system gives workers the ability to swap shifts and alerts others to cover the shift.

Step #1 Workforce Data Analysis

After we get to know your organization, our next step is to take a deep-dive into your workforce data, specifically attendance, terminations, overtime trends, churn rates, attrition, and demographics.

Our goal is to give you a holistic perspective of your workforce’s behavior and provide an action plan to address your facility’s challenges. The results from your workforce data analysis will determine how we implement flexibility at your facility. 

Step #2 Building Your Sustainable Workforce

As you already know, the job market has shifted drastically. Hourly production workers are demanding flexibility and are willing to change jobs every 90 days to create their own version of “flexibility.”

The problem is, most manufacturing and supply chain companies still require full-time hourly workers to comply with strict attendance policies and agree to mandatory overtime. MyWorkChoice offers a bridge that solves the demands of today’s workers and helps companies get the headcount they need.

Why Companies Like Saddle Creek Logistics Choose MyWorkChoice

The Effective Alternative to Traditional Staffing Agencies & Gig Markets

MWC-primary-4C.png Traditional Temp Staffing AgenciesGig & Marketplace
Fill Rates Over 95% check-small close-small close-small
Long Term Full-Time Dedicated Workers check-small close-small close-small
Automated Backfill System check-small close-small close-small
W-2 Employees check-small check-small Maybe
Fast Virtual Recruitment & On Boarding check-small close-small close-small
Manage Schedules & Day to Day check-small close-small close-small
Real Time Workforce Visbility check-small close-small close-small
Built-In Forecasting check-small close-small close-small
eVerified Employees check-small MaybeMaybe

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We Succeed Where Traditional Temp Agencies Fail

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Get current real-world flexible workforce management tips, trends, and market predictions from industry experts straight to your inbox.