The Future for Laborers is Changing with Innovative Hourly Workforce Model

MyWorkChoice® Creates Worker Flexibility Resulting in Rapid Growth


CHARLOTTE – (September 3, 2020) — In today’s economic uncertainty and with our tenuous supply chain, labor needs are a moving target. Scaling the right hourly workforce may be a tricky balance, but MyWorkChoice, the first-to-market solution that bridges the gap between technology, human resource management, and hourly staffing needs, finds that flexibility is the key to filling jobs, reducing overtime and solving absenteeism.


“The 40-hour work week is dead,” says Tana Greene, co-founder and CEO of MyWorkChoice. “When you offer hourly workers flexibility and choice, within your current operational model and established hours, you’ve just created the workforce of the future.”


MyWorkChoice builds a community of workers who select desired shifts from a smartphone app and then manages the turnkey process. “Our workforce can be mobilized in a matter of minutes,” says Greene. “For example, each Friday we post more than 4,000 shifts for an individual client and watch them fill up with vetted, trained W-2 workers in less than four-minutes.”


To mitigate risk in the pandemic times, MyWorkChoice developed a Real-time Risk Management Module™ on the app, to proactively screen the health of the workforce before they enter the building. “If an employee is at-risk, we alert the client and can automatically back fill the hourly employee with a healthy worker.” says Greene. “We are helping companies attract and retain a healthy, dependable hourly workforce just in time for the Q4 rush.”


MyWorkChoice is the modern, human-centered approach to hiring and managing the hourly workforce that keeps America’s warehousing, logistics, call center, and light industrial operations running smoothly. We are Hourly Workforce Gurus focused on helping forward-thinking companies unlock worker potential. Through our flexible scheduling platform, deep analytics, and proprietary app, we bridge the gap between employees who seek flexible shifts and employers who demand a dependable workforce. When people can choose work that fits their life, they show up. For more information contact


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