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I’ve never worked for a company that offers flexible scheduling. The app is hands down the best thing ever. To actually know how many hours, you are working and the shifts you can pick. I’m just in awe this is an option.


I’m a mother of two and I love working for MyWorkChoice because of the flex schedule that allows me to work the hours and days I want. I have the freedom to do what I want because of MyWorkChoice.


MyWorkChoice not only works with your lifestyle by letting you pick hours that work for you, but it actually gets your bills paid.


With MyWorkChoice, I have time to chase my dreams and make money. I don’t have to give up my dreams for a job and that’s what I appreciate. You can have the best of both worlds, no cap.


I would recommend MyWorkChoice for anyone looking for a good work life balance. I am a full time student so the flexible hours MyWorkChoice provides has helped me immensely.


You don’t have to worry about being late for school or not having time to do homework or getting your kids from school with MyWorkChoice.


Anyone who is looking for a job that doesn’t force you to work your normal 40-hour weeks should look into joining MyWorkChoice. I like working 3 times a week so that is how I set up my schedule.


When I found out about MyWorkChoice, it gave me hope again and a chance to work around my granddaughter and not have to choose between work or her. I’m really grateful.


MyWorkChoice flex is the first job I’ve had that really works around my kid’s school schedule and appointments. You pick your own work schedule, hours, and what days you want to work. You are talking about a life balance and making working a job easy! I love it!


I could never keep a job before MyWorkChoice came a long because I’m a mom of two. It’s hard having to find someone watch my kids five days a week so I can work. It offers me to be able to pick days I have a sitter and less stress on me.


Thanks to My Work Choice and their flexible scheduling my life has changed drastically. I don’t have to choose between working and pursuing my dreams! I am thankful that MyWorkChoice has given me this opportunity to make money, go to school, and take care of my home and family.


I am currently in college so being able to have a flexible job is very helpful, especially when I am actively involved on campus.


I don’t have to ask for days off I choose my own working days.


MyWorkChoice was the perfect option for me! I was a fulltime employee at Roper in Lafayette, GA and hit a hard point in life. Points add up and missing work was a necessity – doctor appointments, wife's surgery, elderly mother that relies on us. I didn't want to lose a job I loved, so I swapped over to MyWorkChoice! I can still get a 40-hour week on my own schedule and LOVE IT!

David Q.

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