CHOICE is the Key to Coming Out on Top During the COVID crisis

Clicks aren’t everything when it comes to digital hiring.  But when you’re looking to hire an hourly workforce, it’s what motivates the person to join your team that matters.  What matters most in today’s limited pandemic job market? Choice.

We hear you scoffing.  With 26 million people unemployed, finding and rapidly filling jobs should be no problem for businesses seeking hourly workers.  Not so fast.  Toss into the mix the new reality – schools are closed with children at home, elderly parents needing additional support — and what once was a double income household may be reduced due to sharing of caretaker burdens.  Choice is in high demand because people need flexibility now more than ever.

According to MyWorkChoice CEO Tana Greene, choice empowers the employee.  She claims that this shift in perspective, letting workers choose their shifts, still delivers the desired results while allowing the employer to maintain control of the process.  Greene put this concept to the test for one client with a household brand name to prove her point, running online ads for the same job, but with different messaging. 

  Ad #1 Ad #2
Headline 90-day temp to perm position with benefits My Work Choice Flex Scheduling
Messaging Get hired on in 90 days with <HOUSEHOLD BRAND>, full company benefits, and 401(k). Plus, your pay jumps up $2 an hour. Full-time, flexible work hours, pick your own schedules/shifts.   
1st Week Results 300

“This shows that more people would rather pick their own hours and work a full-time job,” adds Greene, who has spent her entire career in the staffing business.  “When we help a company hire an hourly workforce, our system is an overlay – nothing changes but the perspective of the employee who now gets to choose their hours.”

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