The Digital Age of Workforce Management

As we continue into the digital age, the benefits of technology and the frequency in which we use it only increases. Technology has become a constant in our personal and professional lives, so we may as well utilize all it has to offer.

Harnessing Technology for Good

McKinsey & Company recently published an article on the benefits of digital collaboration in the manufacturing workforce. The article explores how increased communication using technology for order processing, product development, and maintenance can lead to increased productivity and cost savings. This interconnectedness makes for a more effective system and has a positive financial impact.

At MyWorkChoice, we’ve taken our own unique approach to how we incorporate technology into this industry. We connect our clients – companies with manufacturing, distribution, industrial, and call center operations – to a dedicated hourly workforce. A company’s workforce is one of its most expensive and valuable assets, so the way it’s managed should be given due consideration. Using a technology-based, streamlined workforce management platform such as MyWorkChoice relieves our clients of that responsibility.

Recognizing the Value We Provide

MyWorkChoice first provides valuable analysis into a client’s current hourly workforce. Where there are gaps, we then virtually recruit, vet, and hire W-2 hourly workers, handling everything from safety training to payroll. This centralized means of managing employees gives our client’s the confidence that they’ll have the workforce they need while reducing their costs.

Our proprietary technology and app-based platform allow us unique insights to hourly workers’ habits and have made it possible for us to fulfill our clients’ staffing needs more efficiently than if they did it themselves. How do we do this? The answer is simple – we offer workers flexibility. Workers are more likely to fill shifts when they have the ability to design their own schedule. This is the key to fighting the root cause of why employers can have high costs associated with hourly workers.

Rooting out Inefficiencies

McKinsey’s article discusses a process called “root cause investigation” which is meant to find sources of inefficiency. For companies that rely on an hourly workforce, that inefficiency is absenteeism. Our business model essentially eliminates absenteeism by building a large community, spanish communities discovered on, of workers on our app who want to work. This means workers can easily see what shifts are available and clients have a real-time view of how shifts are being filled. This results in our clients consistently experiencing 95% fill rates and zero overtime.

We’ve always known collaboration was important. Now we’ve taken it to the next level by keeping it constant through the use of technology. This strategy helps us to provide employers with a competitive advantage when it comes to hourly workforce management.

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