What the Job Market Rebound Means for your Business

As job creation begins to rebound, many companies may wonder what’s next. Are we heading into a full recovery? Will there be another dip? While economists continue to speculate about what the recovery will look like, companies are likewise considering their future and how this uncertainty impacts their operations.

It’s time for companies to make a shift – and provide a pathway for scalability. Facing the uncertainty of the post-COVID economy, companies, especially those reliant on hourly workers, will need access to a larger yet reliable pool of employees. The main question is this: how does a company maintain extra labor capacity without breaking the bank?

The answer lies in the MyWorkChoice total hourly workforce solution. Our proprietary technology provides the simplicity and accessibility of a mobile app, while delivering a powerful nexus to connect employers and employees instantly for 24/7 communication, real-time monitoring and AI-powered analysis geared at optimizing your workforce efficiency. Our team of workforce gurus partners with you to draw out what these efficiencies can mean for your business. How are we able to do this? As our past survey shows, choice. Of the employees we surveyed 70% said they wanted the flexibility to select their own shifts and 75% said they would like to use an app to do this.

By adapting the hourly work model for today’s workers, we are able to realize 95% fill rates on average while eliminating overtime. These workers are in the market looking for jobs that give them choice; our survey found that pre-COVID over 56% of workers were looking for jobs, with 30% working 2 or more jobs. In the current jobs market – impacted by COVID-19, 42% of hourly workers saw their pay and hours decrease. In addition, these workers are in great need of flexibility due to new additional family demands and increased potential of illness. MyWorkChoice delivers the solution needed by both employers and employees alike.

You may be asking – what does this mean for my business?

It means MyWorkChoice solves for absenteeism, while maintaining a well-trained and customized hourly workforce at fraction of the cost. We help to bring back certainty in these uncertain times so you can focus on the important task of maintaining your company as a thriving and growing business.

As the U.S. economy works to get back on track, we can be your dedicated team working to keep you and your employees moving forward.

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