A Complete Guide to On-Demand Staffing

Many business owners find recruiting and hiring employees difficult as their needs change throughout the year. On-demand staffing can also be a useful tool for when you have employees out sick during times when your company needs to be highly productive.

What Is On-Demand Staffing?

Many business owners will find themselves asking, “what is on-demand staffing?” Different agencies provide on-demand staffing, and each one offers either temporary or permanent employees for any kind of business. 

Many businesses use this type of service for finding seasonal employees or employees when the company is experiencing a high level of growth or development. These staffing agencies work to match up employees with a particular skillset with employers who require their talents.

So, what is on-demand staffing able to achieve that a hiring manager can’t? Several of these types of staffing agencies exist, but the quality of their talent pool can vary, and so will the cost of using their services. However, the cost of using a staffing agency may be less than the value of your time and frustration when attempting to find a candidate on your own.

Benefits Of On-Demand Staffing

What is on-demand staffing able to offer in terms of benefits to the company? If your company is experiencing rapid growth, or you want to outsource finding a candidate to add to your team, a staffing agency has many positive benefits that you can take advantage of to meet your goals.

Access To Workers

On-demand staffing services like MyWorkChoice allow a company access to workers that meet specific requirements whenever they are needed, which means that you won’t have to continually update a job posting to fill positions as they come up. 

This level of convenience not only saves you time, but it can save your company money by allowing you to efficiently staff your business without having to pay continuous fees for online position listings.

Having access to workers also means that you can:

  • Request another employee if you need one
  • Replace an existing employee that doesn’t mesh well with your current team
  • Expand more quickly than if you searched for candidates yourself
  • Avoid complexities like taxes and benefits common with contract employees

For companies that want to find a particular addition to their team, on-demand staffing services can save you more time during the hiring process without the need to sacrifice company productivity.

Fewer Hassles

On-demand staffing services can save you time and also provides you with immediate hires with minimal effort on your part. This level of convenience essentially allows you to outsource the process of locating decent hires but may not work best for filling positions that require a high degree of skill or specific experience.

On-demand staffing also allows employers to fill seasonal positions quickly, and the length of the contract is known upfront, so there are no awkward discussions later when you no longer need the extra help. For companies that are growing rapidly, having access to on-demand hiring also means that they can focus on their growth activities, while a staffing service screens and gathers potential hires.

Customizable To Your Business

On-demand staffing is an excellent resource for a variety of companies, and some use it to find particular candidates to suit a business niche. In contrast, others will use it as a resource for entry-level employees in an area of the company with high turnover.

On-demand staffing is available to your business at all times, but you can choose when to use it and stop when you no longer need it. One of the biggest perks of on-demand staffing is that you can dictate when and how you use it for growing your business, and you can request potential candidates for as many positions as you wish.

For those businesses that are seasonal or have odd jobs to fill, on-demand staffing can provide valuable manpower and reduce the workload of the manager or business owner. On-demand staffing services are well-versed in finding excellent candidates to fill positions, and this valuable knowledge can reduce the unpredictability of the employees you end up hiring.

Reduce Costs

It takes considerable time and effort to find candidates to fill a role, and this often requires posting a job description on multiple sites. Posting this information usually costs a company valuable time and money, and sorting through hundreds of candidates can also take a considerable amount of effort.

Even if a particular posting of yours receives hundreds of applications, the quality of these applicants will vary widely, and the process of sorting through them is daunting at best. An on-demand staffing service takes over all of this work for you, and all you have to do is submit the characteristics that make up an ideal candidate.

Using an on-demand staffing service can also help cut down on costs associated with turnover and the training that new employees will need when they first start working for your company. If you hire seasonal workers, for example, you won’t want to spend a lot of money to train them when they don’t continue working for you after their contract has ended.

Reduce Lead Time

Another bonus to using this type of service is that you can very quickly hire more employees with little to no notice. Peak seasons like around the holidays are often when companies can use more manpower, and these are ideal times to hire a staffing agency. 

On average, it will take a staffing agency about five days to fill a role, but it may take less time based on the requirements of the position. Staffing agencies are also more efficient at hiring because they already have potential candidates for a wide assortment of jobs, and they usually perform background checks in advance.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’re only planning to hire a few employees this year, using an on-demand staffing service can save you money that you would otherwise spend on posting a job description and managing the extensive process of hiring someone.  Staffing services also make it easy to hire contract employees, and many of them charge you a flat rate, so you don’t have to worry about complexities like payroll taxes or benefits.

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