Planning For Workforce Continuity Amid Coronavirus Concerns

We are living in an uncertain time.

With the rising concerns about the COVID-19, or Coronavirus outbreak, many employers are considering the impact it may have on their production lines and workforce. The balance between maintaining business continuity while taking every precaution to assure the health and safety of the workforce is challenging. It is expected that businesses will have workers that need to stay home due to illness or need to care for family members.  As a result, companies are searching for new solutions that enable them to remain open for business despite the uncertainty caused by how quickly COVID-19 is spreading to current workforces.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, MyWorkChoice has not only taken every precaution advised by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to protect our own employees’ health and wellness and encourages those that are not well to stay home, we have also continued to offer virtual solutions for our customers to equip them with the workforce they need to maintain business continuity and production. 

At MyWorkChoice – we are committed to empowering employers and workers with the choice they need to make decisions that are best for their businesses and their families. We do this by enabling scalability and flexibility that works – even in today’s uncertain time.

For our workers, we give them the flexibility to take time off when they need to – whether it’s to care for a sick family member or themselves – and for our employers, we provide a scalable community of W-2 workers to support your evolving workforce needs.  By building a community of workers, together, we can meet the uncertain demands of the future. This includes:

  • Tapping into the MyWorkChoice community of healthy workers, ready to show up and work, as soon as tomorrow.
  • No-penalty “time off,” allowing workers to take the time they need off while giving immediate visibility to the employer when shifts need to be filled.
  • On-demand scheduling, allowing workers to pick up shifts through a convenient mobile application.
  • Maintaining a no “overtime” work environment by tapping into a wider pool of healthy workers and delivering above-industry average fill-rates.

As this outbreak continues to spread and impact today’s workforces, please know that MyWorkChoice can provide the certainty you need in this uncertain time.

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