10 Apps You Can Use To Start A Side Hustle

Side job apps have become increasingly popular as individuals look for apps to make money when they’re not at work. The best side jobs are ones that have a flexible schedule and our list of side hustle apps provide a variety of options.

10 Side Job Apps To Check Out

Side job apps aren’t usually complicated, but the best side jobs provide reasonable money, and the side hustle apps are the easiest to use. Using these apps to make money might take some time, but they also offer the best side jobs that are unique and flexible.


While we’re talking about side job apps, we can’t leave ourselves out! With MyWorkChoice, you can take shifts at warehouses, distribution centers, and call centers of top employers in your area, all on your own schedule. Whether you are looking for a job on the side, or more regular full-time hours, with MyWorkChoice you create your own schedule – from 4 to 40 hours a week – right within the app and get paid weekly.


Swagbucks allows you to make an account and slowly earn gift cards and cash for performing actions like taking surveys, watching videos, and looking at different webpages and following the instructions. Although each of these actions typically has a small monetary reward, many individuals can make a few hundred dollars each month in extra cash.


Care.com is a place where you can offer up your child care services, adult care services, or senior care. You can also post services such as pet care, home sitting, and other types of caregiving that you provide. 

Users in your community will be able to see your profile, that you create for free. You’ll be able to search for jobs in your area on your computer or mobile device and maintain your account. Care.com also allows you to add photos to your profile to personalize it and help you attract more work, and you can apply for various jobs and get paid through direct deposit.


If you have extra living space and want to rent it out, then listing your room, couch, or even your house on Airbnb can provide a significant source of income. Many individuals rent their home out a few times a year, but even your couch in your apartment can fetch a small amount of cash.

Airbnb has some protections for the person listing their home, and many of these listings are not in big cities like you might think. Many travelers these days prefer to stay in Airbnb’s instead of hotels, and any kind of creative space can get listed for rent.


Turo is similar to Airbnb, but for cars, and this fascinating app can get you anywhere from $300-$1,000 per month for renting out your vehicle. This app doesn’t require you to do any actual work, aside from listing your car. There’s even a calculator to tell you how much you could get each month in rental revenue.

The process is simple and starts with listing your car and setting prices and rules for your vehicle. You can then welcome guests by handing over the keys at a designated location and sit back and wait. You’ll get direct deposits for your payments and earn anywhere from 65% to 85% of the total trip price.

Closet Collective

The Closet Collective is an ideal way for fashion lovers to get involved in fashion by renting out their designer pieces for extra cash. This side job app and website require a membership, and participants can post items from their closet up on their page.

Users of this app can then request to rent items that are in your collection, and there are three different listing options:

  • DIY
  • White-Glove Service
  • Free Concierge Service

Participants can choose to rent their items for free, and memberships are starting at $99 for three rentals each month, or $150 for five rentals each month. The minimum value of the items you list must be $200, but shipping, payments, and dry-cleaning are all taken care of by the Closet Collective.

Your items get insured for the full retail value and suggested rental prices exist for each item that you can view before listing.


Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade items and one of the best side jobs if you have crafts, supplies, or other goods you make and want to sell. There is a flat fee for posting items, and Etsy offers perks for its sellers like seller protection, discounted shipping fees, and several advertising options.

There is also a dashboard and analytics page for sellers, and you can access your account on your computer or mobile. Sellers can choose how much time they want to spend maintaining their Etsy shop, and some sellers have managed to make it their full-time job.


Instacart is an excellent option for those that don’t mind grocery shopping and delivering the orders. This service gives you a time frame you can sign up for, and then you work within a particular area. When a grocery store order comes in, you pick up the order and using the Instacart credit card you pay for the order and deliver the items to the customer.

You must be 21 years old and have a smartphone for this gig, but it’s one of the best side jobs available.


TaskRabbit focuses on completing odd jobs using a platform of “Taskers.” All you have to do is sign up and complete an introductory orientation, and then you are free to work on available gigs in your area. Some of these gigs will be related to moving, packing, cleaning, delivery, or assembling furniture, but all kinds of jobs appear.

Once completed, you can submit an invoice for payment. TaskRabbit is one of the best apps to make money because all you need to get started is a smartphone, a form of transportation, and some essential tools if you plan to assemble items. 


Postmates is one of the more unique side job apps for on-demand delivery between couriers and customers. When customers order food, someone from Postmates gets it to them within the hour. Unlike other apps that require their couriers to have a car, Postmates allows it’s workers to walk, bike, or use other forms of transportation and still earn up to $25 per hour.

The scheduling is flexible, and all you need is a smartphone to get started, which makes this one of the most accessible side job apps to use.

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