We are MyWorkChoice: Charlotte, North Carolina

Meet Janet

Janet became a part of the MyWorkChoice community after learning about the flexible scheduling offered. MyWorkChoice has allowed Janet to provide for her family as well as be there for her son, from school to extracurricular activities.

For Janet, the flexibility to work around her son’s school schedule, appointments and after school activities is huge. When Janet needs to change her work schedule to accommodate her son’s activities, she can do that with ease through the mobile app.

Meet Ron

Ron started working for MyWorkChoice after a friend told him about the opportunity.

For Ron, MyWorkChoice was a way for him to make an income while in-between jobs. Ron enjoys the flexibility that MyWorkChoice offers him so he can make time to apply and interview for jobs in his career field. Flexible scheduling also gives him the ability to enjoy his time off. 

For Ron, having the flexibility to create a work schedule around his life is key. Ron has plans to continue working with MyWorkChoice even after he starts working full-time in his career field.

Meet Joseph

Joseph found MyWorkChoice after seeing an ad online. What stood out to him, was the ability to create his own schedule. This would become a solution to the scheduling problems he’d experienced with previous companies while he juggles his life outside of work.

The flexibility of MyWorkChoice is allowing Joseph to finish a Bachelors’s Degree in Environmental Science. The ability to create his own schedule makes it easy for him to find time to work around his class schedule. This empowers him to earn an income while working towards his future goals.

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