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Meet James

James has worked with MyWorkChoice for over a month now. In this time a lot has changed but James remains a positive force to those around him.

James is thankful for the opportunities that MyWorkChoice provides him. For James, the ability to work a schedule that fits his lifestyle has been better than he thought. During a time when a lot of lives have been impacted by current events, James isn’t worried, and he turns to his faith to keep him positive. James continues to thank God for giving him the strength not to fear and being able to get up and still go to work each day.

One of the things that caught James’s attention when learning about MyWorkChoice was the ability to pick flexible shifts. Selecting his hours and building a schedule that worked around his life, something that he hadn’t had the opportunity to do before.

James is thankful for the community that surrounds him at work. The friendships and the guidance given by site directors make it easy to come to work. For this, James is grateful, especially during trying times.

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