With Unemployment Benefits Ending, What’s Next? Here’s What You Can Do Right Now

There is no question about it, COVID-19 caused a permanent change to the world.  It has, without question, caused physical, mental, and financial anguish.  To help curb the financial burdens the pandemic and its economic impacts had on Americans, the government passed, in March 2020, the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act which empowered states to provide Pandemic Unemployment Assistance which gave an additional bump to unemployment benefits.  When many businesses were forced to halt or alter their practices, this was intended to help Americans provide for their families and pay their bills.   

The CARES Act was set to expire in March of 2021, but was extended through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 which extended the unemployment benefits. The extended benefits are now set to expire on September 6, 2021, and expectations for expansion beyond that are not anticipated.  

So, aside from the recent history and economic/governmental affairs lesson, what does this mean for millions of Americans?  It means the incomes and/or supplemental incomes they were counting on are about to expire and a need to replace that income is quickly emerging.  There are many governmental ones that are available to help, we recommend visiting here for details or speaking with a trusted financial advisor.   We also have another proposal for those looking.  Actually, we have two.   

Our first proposal is to come join our workforce.  You can check here to see if we are offering FLEXIBLE work schedules within your area.  Our model puts the power of your schedule within your hands.  You can choose to work when it is convenient and right for your family.  Many members of our workforce balance full-time hours (30+ a week) around other jobs, family, and school.   

Additionally, and, we are both excited and proud to be able to offer this, our employees are all eligible for benefits.  Those benefits include health insurance, which start as soon as your first paycheck and can extend up to 60 days following your last shift.    

Our second proposal is to join our community through our referral program.  You do not need to be a MyWorkChoice employee nor do you need to have locations within your home area – you may refer anyone anywhere. For every person that you help find MyWorkChoice, and they work their first shift, you will receive a Visa gift card.  Yes, we recognize this may not be able to pay all your bills- but it is an opportunity that you can do anywhere, at any time.  

Interested in learning more about either opportunity?  Visit MyWorkChoice.com, download our app or dm us on any of our social channels today.   

Take the first step today!

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