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Flexibility Meets Rapid Recruitment and Cost Savings
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The Challenge:

Fast Headcount Needed

Saddle Creek Logistics in Belton, Missouri had a critical need for reliable workers – fast.

Their 3PL e-commerce business was rapidly growing, but their staffing agency couldn’t meet their headcount needs or retain workers for more than a few days in this highly competitive market.

The Solution:

Flexible Staffing

MyWorkChoice exceeded their headcount goal by 120% with dedicated full-time picker & packer workers in just 2 weeks!

We were able to stand out in the Belton hiring market with our exclusive flexible job offering and all-digital hiring process.

Custom Recruitment

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Unlike a marketplace where sharing workers and posting your own shifts is the norm, MyWorkChoice recruited and onboarded a workforce specifically for this Belton facility.

Our goal is to give Saddle Creek quality workers who have the potential to be their next line supervisors or managers.

Fully Managed Staffing Model

We do all the heavy lifting. Each facility has a dedicated onsite and virtual team that handles HR tasks, payroll, and all worker schedules through the MWC App.

Speed & Efficiency:

All Digital Recruiting

MyWorkChoice’s secret to hiring quality workers fast is because of our all-digital staffing model.

Applicants complete paperwork, interview, and even schedule their first day, all through the MyWorkChoice App – often in just 48 hours.

Cost Savings

Since we don’t have high overhead costs from a physical office in Belton, we pass those cost savings to Saddle Creek Logistics with a low markup rate and zero conversion fees.

Hiring Advantage:


In a market where rigid schedules are the norm, MyWorkChoice has a competitive hiring advantage in the Belton job market – flexibility.

Here’s how it works. These workers commit to full-time hours but have the freedom to drop shifts as life demands through the MyWorkChoice App.

High Fill Rates:

Backfill Technology

Even with flexibility, we’re able to maintain a 100% per-shift fill rate because of our exclusive Automated Backfill Technology.

Speedy Recruitment:

High Show Up Rates

In less than 4 weeks MyWorkChoice hired and onboarded over 50 pickers and packers at this Belton facility with a 120% fill rate.

Saddle Creek Logistics:

Quality & Cost Savings


Setting New Standards

MyWorkChoice’s partnership with Saddle Creek Logistics’ has exceeded expectations in recruitment speed, fill rates, and cost-effectiveness.

We’re proving how a flexible work model can attract the headcount they need, retain workers, and save money.

Bring Flexible Schedules to Your Facility

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