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Silgan Dispensing overcame labor shortages and achieved high fill rates through MyWorkChoice.
  • Challenge
  • High Retention
  • High Fill Rates
  • Hiring Advantage
  • Tech Enabled
  • Setting New Standards

The Challenge:

Inconsistent Headcount

Is your production lagging because of inconsistent headcount? Silgan Dispensing, a leading manufacturer in Thomaston, CT, faced the same issue.

When production demands spiked or absenteeism occurred they found themselves scrambling to fill shifts, directly impacting their bottom line.

The Solution:

Flexible Staffing Solution

MyWorkChoice brought a modern approach to staffing by recruiting full-time workers who want flexibility in their shift schedules.

And here’s the kicker – it didn’t create operational chaos for Silgan Dispensing. Instead, we achieved industry-high fill rates, tenure, and retention.

High Retention:

Power of Flexibility

It’s not just about filling shifts; we retain quality workers that outlast typical temp hires. Flexibility has improved tenure, morale, and productivity at Silgan Dispensing’s facility.

What Workers Say

“I love that I can work a full week, but if I need to miss a day for my kids appointments or games I can without being punished.”

Sydney M.


High Fill Rates

MyWorkChoice continues to maintain 99% fill rates for the Thomaston, CT facility a year after launch.

Hiring Advantage:


In a city where rigid schedules are the norm, MyWorkChoice has a competitive hiring advantage in the Thomaston job market – flexibility.

Here’s how it works. We recruited workers committed to full-time hours but, have the freedom to drop shifts as life demands through the MyWorkChoice App.

Fully Managed


We do all the heavy lifting. Each facility has a dedicated onsite and virtual team that handles the labor plan, HR tasks, payroll and manages all worker schedules.

No Operational Chaos

Tech Enabled

Maintaining Silgan Dispensing’s Shift headcount is mission-critical.  Here’s how our technology and team make that happen:


24/7 Backfilling

Our Automated Backfill Technology™ instantly identifies labor gaps and automatically assigns the highest-rated workers to fill the shift.


Setting New Standards

Our flexible staffing solution and hands-on management continue to benefit Silgan Dispensing as we expand to other locations.

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