Cost-Effective Staffing

Invest in smarter staffing. Cut labor costs, meet production quotas, and increase employee retention at your facility.

Low Cost, High Retention Staffing

You need quality workers on time and on-budget, but traditional temp agencies aren’t cutting it. High turnover, increased overtime, missed production quotas, and lost revenue… it’s time for a smarter staffing solution.  

Why Choose MyWorkChoice Over Traditional Temp Agencies?

We deliver a flexible staffing solution that’s efficient, cost-effective, and improves employee retention:

Absenteeism and no-shows are costly to your daily operation and lead to missed production quotas. Save on labor costs with our low hourly markup rates and meet your daily production goals with of our exclusive Automated Backfill Technology®.

Traditional temps average only 7 weeks in any hourly production role. Our workers have an average tenure of 22 months (that's 15 times longer!).


Why? Because we offer them the best of both worlds – a dependable job with daily pay and work-life balance. By meeting the expectations of today’s workforce, our workers are tenured, skilled, and are great direct-hire candidates that won’t cost you a dime to convert.

Cost-free recruitment. By partnering with us, we recruit your temp-to-hire, seasonal, or temp needs at no additional charge. We specialize in hiring manufacturing and distribution jobs and have a proven track record of hiring workers that last 15 times longer than traditional temp agencies.

In addition, how are you going to attract Millennials and Gen Z’s to your facility? They aren't going to walk into a traditional temp agency storefront. In a digital world, we meet these workers where they are – on their devices. We recruit through job boards, social media and, most importantly, through referrals of other MyWorkChoice workers.


But our commitment to efficiency doesn’t stop there. We also provide 24/7 workforce management and support. Our team is always on hand to handle coaching, counseling, and terminations. That way your team can focus on what you do best—driving revenue and reducing costs.

Because of our industry-high employee retention rates, your facility has a pool of skilled tenured workers who are great direct-hire candidates. The MWC workers you convert won’t cost you a dime.

With the addition of the MyWorkChoice Community, expect to see additional labor savings.


On average, our partners save 30% on overtime expenses in the first year while seeing decreases in their own workforce turnover by avoiding constant mandatory overtime. MWC is also able to build night and weekend-specific groups of workers to handle peak seasons and alleviate the pressure on your own employees to cover those extra shifts.

Trusted by Manufacturing & Supply Chain

We exclusively work with manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse companies across the United States.

Upgrade Your Staffing

Level up with efficient, cost saving, and high retention staffing with MyWorkChoice.

A Fully Managed Staffing Solution

MyWorkChoice delivers a reliable full-time contingent workforce that stays long-term at your facility. 


Tech-Powered 100% Fulfillment Success

Our cutting-edge Automated Backfill Technology ® and mobile app works around the clock to fill your headcount needs to meet production.

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