Solve Your Staffing Shortage

MyWorkChoice is the industry expert in hiring and retaining contingent workers in manufacturing and distribution.

Solve Your Staffing Shortage

We bring a modern approach to filling your temp-to-hire, seasonal, and temp needs with quality production workers. What’s the secret? We give workers flexibility without creating operational chaos with automated technology.  

Working with MyWorkChoice

We’re a fully-managed staffing service here to support your businesses’ production goals. This is what a partnership with us looks like.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Unlike a marketplace where sharing workers and posting your own shifts is the norm, MyWorkChoice recruits and onboards a workforce specifically to your facility.

Flexibility is a major hiring advantage in your market and is not just a win for workers but, your business. By offering flexibility, MyWorkChoice is able to recruit a wide variety of job seekers from those seeking full-time jobs to overlooked workers like:

  • Parents juggling childcare
  • Semi-retirees
  • College students
  • Workers needing a second job

Today’s job seeker isn’t interested in trekking across town to fill out paperwork during limited office hours. MyWorkChoice is a tech-enabled modern staffing solution.

Our applicants’ complete paperwork, interview, and even schedule their first day, all through the MyWorkChoice App - often in just 48 hours.

We do not operate like a local temp agency with a storefront with high operating costs. We rather save the overhead costs and pass those savings on to you.

We may not have physical branches, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be going it alone. We’re a fully-managed staffing solution, which means you’ll have virtual and onsite management teams to support you 24/7. These professionals handle everything you would expect from a staffing partner: 

  • Onsite First-Day Orientations
  • HR Issues
  • Scheduling Workers
  • Changes to Your Order
  • Payroll and Timekeeping

MyWorkChoice’s flexibility is a huge hiring advantage, however, its mission critical to have the headcount you need every shift when someone drops a shift. That’s why we designed Automated Backfill Technology™.

Here’s how it works:

  • Full-time Assembler, Amber drops her shift due to a family emergency in the MWC App.
  • Our system instantly finds the best replacement from your facility's trained workforce.
  • College student Anthony, with 1,000+ assembly hours, picks up the open shift through the app.
  • Result? A fully staffed production line with zero downtime.

Learn how our client Silgan Dispensing, consistently met their operational goals with the help of our fully managed flexible staffing solution.

It’s not just about filling shifts; we retain quality workers that outlast traditional temp hires. The tenure of MyWorkChoice workers is 15 times longer compared to the industry standard which is 8 weeks. “I love that I can work a full week, but if I need to miss a day for my kids appointments or games I can without being punished.” - Sydney M. MyWorkChoice Worker

Are you looking to improve retention and tenure for your workforce? Learn more about how we bring flexibility to your workers without compromising operations.

Why Companies Like Saddle Creek Logistics Choose MyWorkChoice

Are We a Good Fit for Your Facility?

Curious if we can meet your industry, headcount, and position needs? Take a moment to answer a few questions for a no-obligation estimate and see if we’re operating in your area.

Trusted by Manufacturing & Supply Chain

We exclusively work with manufacturing, supply chain, and warehouse companies across the United States.

The Effective Alternative to Traditional Staffing Agencies & Gig Markets

MWC-primary-4C.png Traditional Temp Staffing AgenciesGig & Marketplace
Fill Rates Over 95% check-small close-small close-small
Long Term Full-Time Dedicated Workers check-small close-small close-small
Automated Backfill System check-small close-small close-small
W-2 Employees check-small check-small Maybe
Fast Virtual Recruitment & On Boarding check-small close-small close-small
Manage Schedules & Day to Day check-small close-small close-small
Real Time Workforce Visbility check-small close-small close-small
Built-In Forecasting check-small close-small close-small
eVerified Employees check-small MaybeMaybe

Frequently Asked Questions

Today’s worker wants flexibility. So, we give it to them. The ability to drop or swap shifts along with volunteering for overtime keeps them working at your facility because they finally have what they need – a reliable job with flexibility. MyWorkChoice recruits and hires a mix of full time and part time workers to form a community of experienced employees specifically for your site. We’re not a marketplace where you are saddled with posting all your open shifts and workers are being called in for day labor as contractors. We hire dedicated W2 workers, covered by our insurance, and managed by our team 24/7. The best part is we solve the #1 issue that flexibility creates – open shifts. Our exclusive Automated Backfill Technology(TM) makes sure your site always has the headcount it needs.

Most likely you’re shopping around for a reliable solution that will also save you money. While local temp agencies have storefronts with high operating costs, MyWorkChoice offers a modern, cost-effective solution without the overhead. Our technology-driven approach ensures that you get the headcount you need while keeping costs in check. The best part? We offer low-cost markups on all rollovers and never charge a conversion fee.

Every worker hired by MyWorkChoice is a W-2 employee of MyWorkChoice and is background checked, eVerified, along with being covered by worker’s comp and unemployment insurance. We do not use 1099 independent contractors.

MyWorkChoice E-Verifies every employee hired. We also perform client-specific background checks to work in conjunction with your hiring policy.

MyWorkChoice is currently servicing 14 states. Check to see if we are in your market.  

Even if we are not in your area, you’re in luck! Our ability to virtually recruit and onboard workers anywhere in the country stops the need for brick-and-mortar locations. We can hire and mobilize an entire workforce anywhere in the country. 

You keep mentioning community. What does that mean? 

Community is the most important part of our concept. When we recruit, we hire two different categories of people. Full-time and part-time.  

  • Full-Time Workers– Workers who need full-time hours, with the option to take days off.
  • Standby Workers– Workers that can put in 10-30 hours a week. They provide coverage for absenteeism and times when you need to scale up. This attracts a whole new demographic of workers to your facility – stay-at-home parents, college students, and semi-retirees.  

When a MyWorkChoice employee is hired and onboarded, they are tagged inside of the app based on their skillset to ensure they are qualified for the position. Only those certified to work in a particular job can see those shifts they are qualified for.

Our cost model is simple. You only pay when our model works. Hours are counted when a worker from your dedicated MyWorkChoice community is actively clocked in and working.

There are no startup fees, recruitment costs, or conversion fees. You only pay for the labor you actually use.

See if we're a good fit for your facility. 

Solve Your Staffing Shortage with MyWorkChoice

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