Automated Backfill Technology™

Solve labor gaps and keep every shift full.

Fill Openings with Backfill Technology

You’ve faced it before: A worker calls in sick before a shift, disrupting your operations.

This is how our fully managed solution—featuring Automated Backfill Technology™—is designed to solve absenteeism for good.

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Automated Backfill Technology™

Your Solution to Beat Absenteeism

This isn’t another software you manage – it’s an operational safety net that comes with our fully managed service. Automated Backfill Technology™ is able to fill labor gaps before a shift starts. 

Here’s how it works:

Real Partners, Real Results

Learn how Silgan Dispensing consistently met their headcount needs by using our fully managed solution, featuring Automated Backfill Technology™.

Best of Both Worlds: Reliability & Flexibility

Here’s how our fully managed flexible workforce solutions will improve your operation, increase employee retention, and cut costs. 

  • Full Headcount: Our Automated Backfill Technology™ fills any gaps with team members already in your workforce.
  • Quick Response: Automated Backfill Technology™ reacts in real time, removing the need for a flurry of phone calls.
  • Perfect Matches: Leveraging our intelligent algorithm, the system identifies the most qualified workers to cover the open shifts.
  • Scale Up & Down: If your business sees a surge in sales or a reduction in orders, we can increase or decrease your workforce quickly.

You end up with a fully staffed production line, zero downtime, and a team that loves the scheduling flexibility you offer. No last-minute phone calls or scrambling to figure out who’s on the floor post-clock-in. 

According to a 2021 study by the Workforce Institute, 77% of workers say job flexibility is a key factor in job satisfaction. Our Automated Backfill Technology™ offers an effective solution for both employers and employees.

  • Flexibility: The MWC app allows workers to manage their schedules from anywhere and at any time, which improves employee retention and performance.
  • Financial Control: Extra shifts are opportunities to earn more money and get paid the same day.

“Flexibility and great hourly pay make it so I can be at home when I need to be and still pay the bills!” – Jessie, MyWorkChoice employee at GE Appliances

We may not have physical branches, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be going it alone. We’re a fully-managed solution, which means you’ll have virtual and onsite management teams to support you 24/7. We do that heavy lifting. These professionals handle everything you would expect from a staffing partner:

  • Onsite First-Day Orientations
  • HR Issues
  • Scheduling Workers
  • Changes to Your Order
  • Payroll and Timekeeping

At MyWorkChoice, we understand that cash flow is king. That’s why we’ve designed our services to deliver incredible results with low markups. Plus, we offer zero conversion fees. That’s right, if you find a worker who’s a perfect fit for your team, you can convert them to a direct full-time employee without any additional cost. 

But the cost savings don’t stop there. With MyWorkChoice, you can also reduce overtime and training expenses. In fact, our partners save an average of 30% on overtime expenses in the first year alone. On top of that, our high retention rates mean less time and money spent on training new workers and more time focused on getting your products out the door. 

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