Three Things You Should Know About Seasonal Flexible Jobs  

Tis the season for flexibility. Fa la la la la… la la la la. It’s always the season for a truly flexible job, but we get that the holiday season can cause a rush of joy, panic, and the need for additional cash. Fret no longer, friends, we have warehouse jobs that are hiring immediately, require no prior experience (just a good attitude), and pay weekly.    


The Holidays are coming up and people (we’re talking to you- students, seniors, retirees, caregivers, moms, dads, pet parents) are looking for a way to earn some extra cash. The answer is to apply for a flexible job with us, MyWorkChoice.

A Flexible Job Allows You to Work Around Your Schedule   

A flexible job always you to have a truly custom and work/life balance you want. It’s the ability to be in charge of your own schedule and to choose full-time or part-time hours on a weekly basis. If something comes up and you’re not able to make it, you can drop the shift in the MyWorkChoice app. We get that the holiday season is busy and with a flex job you can pick and choose when you work.  

“I love working for MyWorkChoice because it lets me change my work schedule with my life’s needs. At first, I was working 6 hours a day Monday-Friday. Now, I work 3 12-hour shifts because of how my home life changed and so my job hours changed. It was super easy for me to adjust to what I needed.” – Jessica H.  

Get to Work Quick with No Experience  

The holiday season is almost upon us and a big bonus of being MyWorkChoice flex worker is that the majority of our flex jobs don’t require any experience to apply. Our warehouse jobs are hiring immediately and you’ll receive all the training for the job on site. It’s a quick way to make some quick cash for the holidays, plus you’ll get paid weekly!  

We make the application process as easy as possible. Apply for the job you want, complete your registration information, download the mobile app, and then complete the rest of your paperwork and orientation. You can anticipate getting to work as fast as 48 hours after you complete and submit your application.  

Get Paid Weekly   

We’re going to highlight once again, the whole getting cash fast. Once you start working shifts, you’ll get paid weekly every Friday. This means the cash you sought out to figure out how to get, will be in your pocket quicker than it would take for you to just apply at a traditional job. (Read more about that here).   

At the end of the day, MyWorkChoice is a great choice for a flexible work opportunity at any time of the year. But, it is a superb choice for those seeking to pick up extra cash during the holiday season.  


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