7 Ways to Motivate Your Hourly Workforce

All of us are feeling it, and your employees are no different, it’s called Burn Out. Regardless of industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned company culture upside down and it’s no wonder leadership teams are asking themselves – how can I keep my employees motivated? Now, we know what you’re thinking, there are a ton of articles out there about how office cultures are shifting to better engage their workers who are spread thin across teleconferences, zoom meetings, and new work-from-home dynamics. However, there is one issue with them: they are not addressing the needs of today’s hourly workers and how COVID-19 is impacting them.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At MyWorkChoice we have an on the ground readout of what employees and employers need today.

Here are 7 ways to keep your hourly workforce motivated and working

1)    Safety First

Safety matters. A recent Greene-Group survey conducted showed health safety is top of mind for employees during the COVID-19 crisis. 65% of respondents said their primary concern is getting a family member infected, with personal safety being the secondary concern. Hourly employees want to know the companies they work for have their interests in mind and that ensuring safe working conditions remains a top priority. And let’s face it, a sick workforce is no help to anyone. So, be sure to implement CDC guidelines at your facility and most important of all, communicate what you and your company are doing to make it happen. While communication can be tricky with hourly workers, there are many ways to ensure your message gets across. MyWorkChoice, for example, provides direct app-based communication with your hourly workforce.

2)    Choice

One thing is certain, employees now more than ever need choice in their schedule. Over 75% of respondents to a recent survey said they want flexibility. When childcare is uncertain, and current economics demand work, employees need the opportunity to build their own schedules. We also found that 30% of survey respondents said they cannot work due to increased family responsibilities. As employees move off unemployment and re-enter the workforce amidst new childcare responsibilities, we continue to see the importance of choice in shift scheduling for employees.

3)    Listen

Your first job as an employer is to listen to the needs of your employees, and truly hear their concerns. With new stressors (lack of childcare, additional burdens on time, family illness, and the breakneck speed of change in 2020), your employees may need extra support. There’s good news – you can be a positive part of their day. Simply providing a sympathetic ear can go a long way – and acknowledges to them that you understand their concerns. Listening also builds trust between you and your employee, keeping them engaged with their work.

4)    Build a Career Path

While promotions and expansive hiring may not be on the table for you, there is always a need for a reliable pipeline of talent. The MyWorkChoice solution provides you with employees who want to work, and as a result show up for their shifts engaged and eager. While some prefer to remain part-time, there are others who are looking for full-time options. Providing an opportunity for continued training and a future career path keeps employees motivated and maintains positive morale. Continuously learning motivates employees to keep moving forward, and to stay with your company. Now is not the time that you want to lose your workforce, either.  MyWorkChoice helps you retain them.

5)      Foster a Community

Building a workplace with a strong sense of community brings depth and meaning for employees in the work they do. Knowing that they are a part of a team encourages employees to stay engaged. It’s easier to stay committed to fellow teammates rather than to a faceless corporation. MyWorkChoice has the unique ability to create a community even with employees operating on a part-time basis. Our communication tools offer employees to be part of a community, and help each other by picking up shifts when needed.

6)    Embrace Technology for Positives

By now, nearly everyone has used technology to communicate with family and friends from a distance. But don’t let it stop there. Technology can be a powerful tool to help busy families better manage their schedules, communicate with their employers, and manage their workload at a push of a button. By making it easier for your workers to engage with work and schedule work, you are investing in their productivity at work and making their jobs a stress-reducer, not inducer.

7)    Communication is Key

And finally, the best way to motivate your employees, is to be a good communicator. Recognize when times are difficult and there is uncertainty. Don’t fluff the language – but keep an open, honest, and real dialogue about changes happening.

Your hourly workforce is key to your business operations. By supporting your workforce, you are in return motivating them to be the best employee they can be. Only one thing left — put these tips into practice!

Take the first step today!

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