We are MyWorkChoice: Alcides

My name is Alcides and I’m a retiree who’s a member of the MyWorkChoice Community in North Carolina. 

I’ve been working with MyWorkChoice for about ten months now. As a retiree, my monthly income became very low. So, I decided to get a part-time job, one that worked for me and my life. That’s when I found MyWorkChoice. The hiring process was quick and easy, and I was able to begin work within a few days after applying.

The MyWorkChoice Difference

I immediately saw a difference in MyWorkChoice compared to other companies I had worked within the past. At MyWorkChoice, I build my schedule, a schedule that fits my lifestyle. That is something difficult to find. For example, this week I scheduled myself for three 8 hour shifts; Monday through Wednesday and took a break for the rest of the week.

Before working with MyWorkChoice, I didn’t exercise much. I used to play soccer but had stopped after I retired. After I began working with MyWorkChoice, I gained that drive to play again. That has been one of the biggest impacts that working with MyWorkChoice provided me.


One of the best things about MyWorkChoice has to be people. The people are great, our supervisors are an awesome team to work and they make coming into work enjoyable.

The journey with MyWorkChoice has been by far an enjoyable one!

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New location added this month: Franklin, KY